The Best Shows On HBO Now And Go, Ranked

Last Updated: September 11th

There are a number of great television series on HBO, both past and present. If you’re trying to figure out what to watch next on HBO Now or HBO Go, here’s a great place to start with a look at 35 of the best shows to on HBO of all time, ranked.

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1. The Wire

5 seasons, 60 episodes | IMDb: 9.3/10

The Wire, created by David Simon, examines the Baltimore drug scene from the perspective of both the police and the drug dealers, providing flawed but deeply human, sympathetic faces to both sides of the drug war. It confronts the inner-city drug problem from every perspective, from the politicians elected to stamp out drugs to the distribution channels that bring in the drugs to a flawed education system that produces drug dealers to the gang warfare that ensues and the journalists assigned to cover the drug trade from all angles. It’s an incredibly detailed series that defies expectations at every turn as it provides viewers with riveting, addictive, glimpse into a world that most of us have never understood beyond newspaper headlines. Spanning five seasons, The Wire is like a series of intricate, interconnected crime novels, a one-of-a-kind series that is not only entertaining, thoughtful, and insightful, but also necessary viewing.