The 25 Best Shows On HBO Now And Go, Ranked

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Last Updated: May 17th

There are a number of great television series on HBO, both past and present. If you’re trying to figure out what to watch next on HBO Now or HBO Go, here’s a great place to start with a look at 25 of the best shows to on HBO of all time, ranked.

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best hbo shows - togetherness


25. Togetherness (2 Seasons)

Mark Duplass and Melanie Lynskey star as Brett and Michelle Pierson, who have two children and live in a lovely, modest home in the L.A. area. Their staid lives, however, are upended when Brett’s lifelong best friend and struggling actor, Alex (Steve Zissis) moves in at the same time that Michelle’s sister, Tina (Amanda Peet)– fed up with living in Houston — also decides crash in their house after getting dumped by her L.A. hookup. There’s nothing exceptional about the premise, but as is true of most of the Duplass Brothers work, it’s driven by a mumblecore engine that takes unusual situations and allows the characters to breathe and develop organically from those situations. It’s a show less about storylines and more about evoking a particular feeling. It’s warm and comfortable and, in a way, exhilarating, like making a new friend with whom you have so much in common. It’s not a show that will necessarily challenge the way a viewer sees the world, but it may help viewers understand themselves better.

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best hbo series - eastbound and down


24. Eastbound and Down (4 Seasons)

Danny McBride plays Kenny Powers, a brash, profane washed-up major league relief pitcher who returns his North Carolina hometown and ends up living with his brother and teaching P.E. at the local middle school. The show, like Kenny Powers, is loud, obnoxious, and grating, and yet still capable of delivering some of the funniest lines on television. It’s completely absurd, but it works because of how far Danny McBride is willing to take it. The show only seems to have one joke, but Eastbound and Down manages to find new ways to poke and prod that joke into life. In fact, the series gets better as it progresses through its fourth season, especially after it figures out how to combine emotional heft with the crude, bombastic humor.

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