The Best Original Streaming TV Shows Of 2018


The sheer volume of TV shows this year reached what felt like astronomical proportions. Although we already (and impossibly) compiled a Best Of 2018 list, only 15 series were lucky enough to make the cut. It’s important to consider, however, how that list spanned network, premium cable, and streaming original services, so it was an extremely exclusive list, to say the least. And it’s fair to consider that more shows deserve some recognition. After all, FX recently reported that Peak TV has taken its toll, with 495 scripted original series airing in 2018 with 32% of them (160 shows) coming from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. So, it’s worth busting out a top 15 that stems exclusively from those streaming services.

Yes, we did this. Brian Grubb weighed in, along with Kimberly Ricci, Josh Kurp, Andrew Husband, Jason Tabrys, Alex Diedrick, Dustin Rowles, Jessica Toomer, and Andrew Isaac. We weren’t entirely scientific about hashing out which series made the top 15, yet we damn well did our best to finalize a list that reflected our collective tastes. No one has admitted to throwing a tantrum during the compilation process, but boy are we relieved that (unlike with the overall TV list) Homecoming had an opportunity make the cut with a streaming originals list. (Grubb should be happy about that!) Anywho, simply too many shows exist right now, and there’s no way to please everyone, but let’s get going with the 15 streaming options that we liked most in 2018.