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Fox & Friends Tried To Deliver A Hot Take On Comic Books. Guess How That Went?

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'Fox And Friends' tried to explain comic books to its audience. This did not go well.


Watch A Young Child Shut Down Fox News’ Argument Against Gender Neutral Bathrooms

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'Fox and Friends' co-host Steve Doocy tried to get some people on the street to share in his outrage over gender neutral restrooms.

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The Ending Of Today’s Fox & Friends Was Utter Chaos, Involved Guy Fieri And A Cake Thief

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There is so much going on in this Fox & Friends clip, I don't even know where to begin trying to describe it. And Brian Kilmeade's cake was a casualty.


Donald Trump On Donald Sterling: ‘He Got Set Up By A Very, Very Bad Girlfriend’

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On 'Fox and Friends,' Donald Trump said he thinks that what Donald Sterling said was 'despicable' and V. Stiviano was 'baiting him.'


Fox News Blonde Congratulates UConn Huskies For Being The ‘2014 NAACP Champions’

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Heather Childers accidentally confused the NCAA with the NAACP when congratulating the UConn Huskies on Fox News this morning.


Fox News Reported On A Fake Story Demonizing Obama From A Satirical Website

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Fox News continues to be excellent with their hard-hitting coverage of fake news stories.


Gretchen Carlson And Robert Davi Almost 'Twerked' On Fox & Friends This Morning

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Actor and singer Robert Davi almost convinced Gretchen Carlson to try twerking on Fox & Friends this morning.

steve doocy

Fox And Friends: Obama’s Inauguration Day/MLK Day Is ‘The Most Depressing Day Of The Year’

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Are you an Obama-hater who's just feelin' blue today? Fox And Friends knows why, and it's probably not why you think!


Sacre Bleu! Guess Which Cable News Network Freaked Out About USA's Olympic Berets

By | 24 Comments

There are plenty of things wrong with the world to be freaking out over right now, but I suppose that if you’re a big Summer Olympics fan who loathes hats, you could make a case for being most upset about the new Ralph Lauren U.


LOL Fox News

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Few things are funnier than when Fox News and its "journalists" do something so revolting, so blatantly not "fair and balanced" that the company desperately tries to walk it back, as they say, usually going to great lengths to scrub evidence of whatever revolting thing they did from the internet in the process.


Geraldo Rivera Is the Worst

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We’re a TV blog, which means we’re supposed to TV things, particularly when it involves someone on TV saying something epically idiotic.



By | 16 Comments

I'm very much in favor of America having a right-leaning news network, but I wish that Fox News could execute it without tripping over its dick.



By | 27 Comments

The charming empty vessels at "Fox and Friends" recently discussed a study that claimed married couples are less likely to develop dementia than aging single people.

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