The Crash Reel’s Extreme Sports Injuries Compilation Is 3 Minutes Of Nightmare Fuel


Three minutes of extreme sports injuries footage from the documentary 'The Crash Reel' might change how you see extreme sports forever.


Roy Hibbert Has A Serious Case Of John Cena Elbow


Indiana Pacers C Roy Hibbert Instagrammed pictures of his "fat elbow," and it looks just like the one that kept John Cena off WWE TV for two months.


MMA Guys Can’t Deal With Their Emotions Of The Day: Rony Jason Got Sad, Almost Lost An Arm


Rony Jason dealt with his KO loss to Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night 32 by punching himself in the face, elbowing a door and going to the hospital.


Samantha Steele Ponder Is Feuding With A Twitter Parody Account In Defense Of Her INT-Throwing Husband


The Faux John Madden Twitter account made a joke about Christian Ponder, so his wife Samantha Steele jumped to his defense. Against fake John Madden.


Ryan Lochte Hurt His Knee In The Most Ryan Lochte Way Possible

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte injured his knee during a trip to Gainesville, FL, last weekend, and the injury occured in the most Ryan Lochte way ever.

sarah sprague

Just A Reminder: Fans Are The Worst


The real losers yesterday turned out not to be on the field or on the sidelines (sorry Greg Schiano), but in the stands, as fans in both San Francisco and Houston did normal fan-type things like cheering and the wave, except when they did these fan-type things players were down with injuries on the field.


Michael Beasley Needed Medical Attention After Being Punched In The Head By Michael Beasley

Miami Heat star Michael Beasley needed medical attention after punching himself in the head repeatedly. Yes, like War Machine.


LA Injury Report: Blake Griffin Bruises Knee Attempting Dunk & Steve Nash Tweaks Ankle

The NBA preseason is only a week old, and two stars — one old, one young — have already suffered injuries, although neither appear to be serious.


Somebody Comfort Drake: The Toronto Raptors Mascot Tore His Achilles Doing A Backflip

The Toronto Raptors mascot tore his Achilles doing a backflip at a promotional event and will be out for the reason. Somewhere, Drake needs a hug.


A Stick To The Face Turned Edmonton Oiler Sam Gagner Into A Monster


Edmonton Oilers player Sam Gagner got hit in the face with a stick and tweeted his grotesquely swollen jaw (and his gross teeth).


Meet The Worst (And Quite Possibly The Stupidest) Arm Wrestler Of All Time


A female arm wrestler breaks her arm arm wrestling, so she decides to arm wrestle with her OTHER arm. That one breaks, too. Stop arm wrestling, lady.


And Now, Your MMA Leg Break Of The Day


MMA leg break? MMA leg break. Watch a guy throw a kick and come back with a spaghetti leg.


Watch Olivia Munn Dislocate Her Shoulder After Falling From A Swing


I’ll admit that headline is kind of misleading, because while you are about to watch a video of one-time Queen of the Geeks and Nerds, Olivia Munn, going HAM on a swing, you don’t really get to see the best part.


Let’s Watch Bob Burnquist Crash (And Burnquist) On The Skateboard Big Air


I'm always nervous when I watch the X-Games, because I can't walk 10 feet without tripping and falling down.


Video: A Soccer Player Injured Himself Celebrating His First Goal


The video above features a 19-year old soccer player named Maurides and for a brief moment during Internacional’s 3-1 victory over América Mineiro on Wednesday, he was the happiest man in the world.


Kobe Bryant’s Injury Gets The Taiwan Animation Treatment, And Also Jeremy Lin Is There

Interested in learning more about Kobe Bryant's injury and its impact on the Los Angeles Lakers.


Your Gruesome Bosnian Soccer Ankle Breaking Of The Day

Here's 19-year-old FK Željezničar Sarajevo midfielder Nermin Zolotić, a man with pro-level soccer skills, a team name that is extremely difficult to type and only one functioning leg.


Metta World Peace Got His Healing Powers By Being Too Sexy For His Cat, Or Something


The question: "Metta World Peace, you had knee surgery 12 days ago.

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