Young Jeezy

When Jay Bilas Finally Met Young Jeezy

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The Snowman meets one of his biggest fans.


ESPN’s Jay Bilas Offered Graduates Very Important Advice About Life And Porn


ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas gave a very humorous commencement speech to the graduates at Queens University in Charlotte.


Jay Bilas Wages Twitter War On NCAA’s Hypocrisy, Screws Up Their Online Store In The Process

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Unfortunately for the NCAA, Jay Bilas listened to the wrong Young Jeezy record this afternoon and initiated full-scale guerrilla warfare tactics on the money-hungry institution before they even saw anything coming.


Dime Q&A: Jay Bilas On The Secrets Behind His Success


Once again, Dove Men+Care is coming through in March Madness with some hilarious commercials featuring some of basketball's greatest personalities.

Thomas Robinson

Dime’s 2012 NBA Draft Awards


Rece Davis: "We go to the stage now with the commissioner of the NBA, David Stern.


Dime Q&A: The Real Story Behind UConn’s 2011 NCAA Championship

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Last season's UConn men's basketball team had one of the craziest and rarest runs to an NCAA Championship that we've ever seen.

#Chris Paul

The First NBA Transaction Rumors Begin; UNLV Upsets Top-Ranked UNC

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Our Saturday started off as perfectly as possible with news greeting us as our alarm clocks rang that a tentative labor agreement had been reached, and that the lockout was finally, if unofficially, over.


Dime’s Top 10 Twitter Ballers

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Five years ago to this day, a microblogging entity known as Twitter was launched not as a rival to MySpace or Facebook, but with an Internet niche all its own.


Dime’s 1-On-1 NBA Tournament: Carmelo Anthony Vs. Chris Paul

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THE RULES Reminder: The winners of the D-Wade/JJ and Durant/Ellis matchups will be announced in Smack tomorrow.


Philly Talking Trades; A Possibly Awkward Reunion In Cleveland

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While their new draft pick won't be coming to the NBA this season (Jonas Valanciunas and Toronto's front office reached an agreement on his buyout and the power forward will be coming over for the 2012-2013 season), the Raptors learned that Leandro Barbosa won't be leaving them.

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