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Watch As Senior Citizens Play ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ For The First Time

By | 8 Comments

It's not surprising that old people have opinions about things they've never seen. What's interesting is when they finally get to see them.

grand theft auto v

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Has Another Elaborate Murder Mystery


It's not all mayhem and gore in the new 'Grand Theft Auto V.' You can also solve a cryptic murder mystery!

grand theft auto v

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Is The Next Victim Of The Delay Curse

By | 12 Comments

Hoping to play next-gen 'Grand Theft Auto V'? We've got some bad news then.

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Rockstar’s Next Big Game Will Be Here By March 2015

By | 31 Comments

You won't have to wait as long as you might think for Rockstar's next big thing.

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Why ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Won’t Be The Best GTA Yet

By | 52 Comments

Grand Theft Auto V will probably be good, but the best GTA ever? Don't count on it...

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Some ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Dialogue Is From Actual Gang Members

By | 5 Comments

Because of course 'Grand Theft Auto V' features actual gang members.


‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Fans Are Obsessed With A Shed

By | 29 Comments

There's a shed on top of a mountain in 'Grand Theft Auto V'. And fans want to know what's in it. A lot.

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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Full Map Stitched Together By Fans

By | 6 Comments

We finally get a look at the full map in 'Grand Theft Auto V'... and it has quite a few surprises.


"Max Payne 3": The Review

By | 4 Comments

"Max Payne 3", as a game, is polished to a ridiculously high sheen.

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"Max Payne 3": Initial Impressions

By | 3 Comments

I'm still a little loopy from playing "Diablo III" for six hours, but I took a nap and got a little time in playing the second most anticipated title coming out today.

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365 Songs Is Heartwarming, Hilarious


Chris Sands got about the worst news you can get as a musician: he had a rare brain tumor and removing it was going to essentially make it impossible for him to make music for a while.

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