Bill Hader Is Back To Give That Heel Old Man Michaels The Business In These ‘SNL’ Promos

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Bill Hader is back to stomp the old halls of 'SNL' with his hosting gig this week. Gird your loins, nerds.

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Might Have Used A Stolen Sketch In This Week’s Episode

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Two performers from The Groundlings have accused Saturday Night Live of stealing their "Proud Mary" sketch for this week's episode.

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Sarah Silverman On The Time She Stabbed Al Franken In The Head With A Pencil

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Come for the stab story, stay for Sarah Silverman explaining Jew fros in the winter.


The Story Of How Cypress Hill Got Banned For Life From ‘SNL’

By | 24 Comments

People tend to forget that at one time these guys were once the leading purveyors of pot in rap.

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Why Has ‘Saturday Night Live’ Been So Bad At Sports Parody In Recent Years?

By | 38 Comments

Despite all of its glaring problems, 'Saturday Night Live' continues to suffer the most when it comes to executing strong sports satire.


‘You Tell Me!': The 10 Best ‘SNL’ Commercial Parodies Of The Past 10 Years

By | 23 Comments

From Taco Town to Baby Spanx, all of the best recent classics.


The Bizarre Details Behind The Time SNL’s Darrell Hammond Spent Four Days In Jail After A Cocaine Bust

By | 13 Comments

Back before 'SNL,' Darrell Hammond was entrapped by police and spent a horrifying four days in a Jamaican prison cell.

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‘SNL’ Promos: Sarah Silverman Is The Show’s Historical First Female Host (Of The Season)

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Sarah Silverman Makes History As The First Female To Host 'Saturday Night Live' (This Season)

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Here’s John Mulaney On The Time Justin Bieber’s Posse Pointed And Laughed At Him Backstage At ‘SNL’

By | 13 Comments

John Mulaney also has a story about Justin Bieber being the worst at Saturday Night Live.


All The Times You May Have Seen John Mulaney And Not Realized It

By | 19 Comments

John Mulaney has shown up a lot of places over the years. You may have just not realized it was him.

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Chris Pratt Recalls How He Used To Rip Off ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketches In High School

By | 2 Comments

Chris Pratt sat down with Jimmy Fallon and explained how imitation is still the most sincere form of flattery.


Watch Bill Hader Do Perfect Impressions Of ‘SNL’ Cast Members

By | 3 Comments

Bill Hader does excellent impression of former Saturday Night Live cast mates Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, and Fred Armisen.


An ‘SNL’ Writer Admits The Show Can’t Afford To Lose Kenan Thompson

By | 25 Comments

A writer for the show admits they 'lean on' the talented comedian.


Here’s Bill Hader Describing A Scrapped SNL ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ Talk Show Sketch

By | 9 Comments

If SNL had run with all the cut sketches Bill Hader shares in interviews no one would ever complain about it.


Jim Carrey Is Also Rumored To Be Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ This Season

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'Saturday Night Live' has added yet another comedy luminary to its roster of guest hosts for its 40th Anniversary season.

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‘The Daily Show’ Surprised New ‘SNL’ Weekend Update Co-Anchor Michael Che With A Fake Farewell

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"The Daily Show" team wanted to say goodbye to Michael Che last night. The problem is no one knows him.

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Here’s Proof That Don Pardo Would’ve Appreciated Being Replaced On ‘SNL’ By Darrell Hammond

By | 2 Comments

In an interview with Don Pardo, he fawns over Darrell Hammond's impression of him when Hammond filled in as announced on 'SNL.'

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