‘SNL’ Fans Chose The Best Sketch Of The 2000s And They Want More Cowbell!

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Fans have spoken and Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken's tribute to the cowbell and Blue Oyster Cult is officially the best of its era.

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Lorne Michaels On Passing On Stephen Colbert, Lisa Kudrow And Jim Carrey: ‘No One Gets Them All Right’

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From the cast members that he missed out on to the day that he'll finally call it quits, Lorne Michaels has plenty of stories from 'SNL.'


‘SNL’ Scorecard: J.K. Simmons Didn’t Quite Hit His Tempo

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How was J.K. Simmons as the host of Saturday Night Live?


Drunk Uncle And 8 More Of Bobby Moynihan’s Best ‘SNL’ Characters

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From Drunk Uncle to Chris Christie, Bobby Moynihan has proven himself to be one of 'SNL's' go-to players.

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Weekend Preview: ‘Super Bowl XLIX’ And All The Trimmings

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The Seahawks play the Patriots in 'The Super Bowl', NBC airs a special 'Blacklist', and JK Simmons hosts 'Saturday Night Live'

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Get To Know ‘Ghostbuster’ Leslie Jones With Her 10 Funniest ‘SNL’ Moments

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Leslie Jones might be one of Paul Feig's 'Ghostbusters', but she's absolutely been a force on 'Saturday Night Live' this season.


‘SNL’ Scorecard: At Least Blake Shelton Is A Good Singer

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We know Blake Shelton can sing, but how was he as host of 'SNL'? (Not great.)


John Belushi ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketches Everyone Should Know

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Despite dying at the tragic age of 33, Belushi left an immense comedic legacy.

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Weekend Preview: Blake Shelton Hosts ‘SNL’ And ‘Black Sails’ Returns

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Blake Shelton pulls double duty on 'Saturday Night Live', 'Black Sails' returns, and the 'NFL Pro Bowl' airs to distract us all from #DeflateGate

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Here’s The Eddie Murphy Sketch Fans Voted As The Best ‘SNL’ Sketch Of The ’80s

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'Saturday Night Live' fans have spoken and they have chosen to honor one of Eddie Murphy's most iconic sketches as the best of the 1980s.

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The One-Timers Club: The Best ‘SNL’ Hosts Who Were Never Invited Back

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These 'SNL' hosts only hosted once, but they made the best of their lone appearance.

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J.K. Simmons Is Going To Host ‘SNL’ And D’Angelo Is Going To Sing

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'Saturday Night Live' has announced that Oscar nominee J.K. Simmons will be joined by musical recluse/genius D'Angelo on an upcoming episode.


A Brief History Of Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber Impression

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Kate McKinnon's Justin Bieber takedown on 'Saturday Night Live' won the internet, but she's been slowly building to this for a year.

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‘SNL’ Scorecard: Kevin Hart Is A Human Dynamo

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Kevin Hart is an electric 'SNL' host, but how was the rest of the show?

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Why Kate McKinnon May Be At Her Best When On Weekend Update

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We're in the midst of a Golden Age for Weekend Update characters on 'Saturday Night Live' and Kate McKinnon is right at the forefront.


Weekend Preview: The NFL Conference Championships Go Down And ‘Constantine’ Returns

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NFL Playoffs inch closer to The Super Bowl, 'Constantine' premiers in its new timeslot, and Kevin Hart hosts 'Saturday Night Live'

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Here’s The Best ‘SNL’ Sketch Of The 1970s, According To Fans

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'The Today Show' reveals the voters' choice for the best 'Saturday Night Live' sketch of the 1970s.

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