Sucking Hulk Hogan…

07.17.09 9 years ago 12 Comments

Dear women,

The most unattractive thing you can ever do is watch a sporting event with your man and call anything happening “gay.” Yet, it never fails. It really grinds my gears to hear a girl say “that looks pretty homoerotic” after a tackle or when someone slaps Kobe on the butt for a good shot.

Not only does the talking indicate that said chica is not completely focused on fixing my sammich, but it also shows that she probably is enjoying getting on my nerves more than watching the game.

As one would imagine, these remarks only increase when I’m trying to watch my WWE. Her interest is even lower and the opportunity for her to point to something as homoerotic is admittedly a lot higher. The wrestlers are after all in their draws and a Powerbomb looks questionable to the untrained eye.

And while I steadfastly defend my sport against any instances of Big Babying, this picture can’t be defended. Poor Jimmy Hart, if only they would have waited twenty years, they could have just used Superhead’s picture instead.

Ah, it’s funny because she’s a slut.

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