Blake Griffin Teaches Bill Simmons How To Be A Fan

12.12.11 6 years ago 21 Comments

Before Blake Griffin heads back to his day job, one of the last projects of his extended vacation included teaching Grantland mob boss Bill Simmons a thing or two about being a fan, specifically, how to celebrate a dunk. It sounds weird that Simmons – one of the more known basketball junkies in America – needed tips on improving his in-game etiquette, but we can all serve to get better at some facet of our passion(s), right? So why not take pointers from those who do what we love for a living?

The clip’s got its fair share of chuckle-worthy moments and its clear to see Griffin and Simmons showcase the same sense of dry humor and actually work well together. Oh, and kudos to BG32 proving all the naysayers wrong. Not in the gym, but just in the world of endorsements off the court. Blake’s a pretty funny guy and a people person; a far cry from the drone robot so many labeled him as coming out of Oklahoma.

This reminds me, too. The campaign was such a success last season, it’s almost time to dust off my imaginary “Blake Griffin is the greatest Clipper of all time” t-shirt. Because I tell you one thing, if he repeats the success of 2010-2011, and the Clip-Show advance to the playoffs this year, I’m getting that shirt made.

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