David Dallas – “Pay Off” Video

07.12.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

As the most recognizable face of New Zealand rap, David Dallas dropped onto my radar the day that he decided to include an adorable kitten in his music video. He remains a force to be reckoned with by releasing high-quality, relatable music over stellar production that tends to have a rosy tint on life.

While he readies his upcoming album Falling Into Place, he decided to let loose the Tom Gould-directed video for “Pay Off” that was shot in a day. Posting the video to his Facebook page, Double D wrote a poignant accompaniment to the video, dedicating it to the optimistic believers out there.

“Everyone wants guarantees. We want security in our jobs, the safety of knowin there’s money in the bank, all that shit. Yet for most of the really worthwhile stuff we want to do in life there are no guarantees. Just risk… and hope.

“This tune is for everyone who hasn’t let the world knock the hope out of em. Fuck bein jaded.”

Is David’s song the catalyst you need to throw your responsibilities out the window and light your office building on fire Office Space style to pursue a big “Pay Off?”

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