Battle Rappers Math Hoffa And Dizaster Will Settle Their Beef With A Boxing Match

01.08.15 3 years ago 12 Comments
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Back in June, battle rappers Math Hoffa and Dizaster came finally battled after a years long beef. After the battle Diz punched Math and all hell broke loose.

Diz said he did it because Math dared him, but he didn’t punch Cassidy when he dared him in their battle last month. Math said it was a set up and things never really got fixed. Well now there is a potential fix in place: a boxing match.

Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman had initially offered Cassidy a match with Diz and Cass apparently turned the offer down. From there Hoffa pounced.

Well, apparently there was intrigue because Feldman went for it.

Math quickly accepted.

From there, Feldman turned his attention to Dizaster.

Oh and it’s not boxing unless there’s a Mayweather involved.

And don’t forget, it’s for charity too.

Apparently, charity was all he needed to hear because soon after Dizaster accepted the invite as well.

To which Math did some celebrating.

Somewhere along the line, the number $500,000 began getting tossed around. That ain’t happening. In fact, money hasn’t even been agreed on or even offered at this point.

You may remember Feldman as the guy who was going to put together a boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX. Even though that was definitely a thing that happened, Feldman is denying it.

It all seems like BS to me. Just three guys looking to get some attention on Twitter. It should be noted that Feldman has previously been charged with fixing fights in Pennsylvania. He eventually plead no contest and was banned from promoting events in the state for two years.

If it does happen though, I’m in too, guys.

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