DJ Quik x LA Leakers – The Audio Biography Of David Mixtape

03.29.11 7 years ago 11 Comments

A good preparatory project allows the main event to built up with anticipation and promise. If you’re a DJ Q-U-I-K fan and have been patiently waiting hand and foot of the release of his eight LP, The Book Of David, the LA Leakers have compiled something great to serve as a precursor. Combining some of the best cuts from favorites such as Safe + Sound, Under The Influence and Way 2 Fonky, those well-versed in the grooves of Quik can strut down memory lane while newcomers can smack themselves back into reality with his older classics.

And everybody can meet each other halfway as the tape features a few choice cuts from the new album, including the authenticated first single, “Real Women” (featuring Jon B.)

The Book Of David drops in stores on 4.20.11 but if you’re a true disciple of Hip-Hop, you’ll be blazin’ to this well before then.

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