Event Recap: Eric Koston Debuts Oakley EK Signature Line

06.27.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

As you get older, you slowly start to see bits of your childhood appear in the most unexpected places. Whether it be seeing a woman at the corner who looks like your first kiss or hearing the tune that first sparked your love in music bumping out a car’s passenger-side window, memories are everywhere.

Last Friday night I attended the release of Eric Koston’s EK Signature line of Oakley shades (which includes an update on their Frogskins and unique Plaintiff and Holbrook designs) in New York City. Like many other 90s babies, I grew up with Koston not only as a skateboarding icon, but also my preferred character in Tony Hawk’s video game series. He was there, two feet from me, in camo shorts, Nike SBs and casual button-down, on the 21st floor of the East Village’s Standard Hotel, conversing and cavorting.

As a transplant Ohioan searching for anything to make NYC feel homey, Koston’s presence brought back the nostalgia of trying to boardslide parking lot curbs and ollie 2-foot ledges. I might be an Ohio University degree away from Columbus, but seeing Koston cut it up with guests made my move come all the more full circle. Not to mention that Vice co-sponsored the event, a publication which currently employs one of my former college editors.

It’s weird. You might be 562 miles from home with a Brooklyn lager in hand, but it’s all there: the people and things who shaped you. Cool kids might’ve been smoking their American Spirits in boutique Supreme caps, but “It Ain’t No Fun” and The Clash blared from the speakers. And the guy whose silky smooth heel-flips I commanded with the toggle of a Playstation controller stood by.

However, pictures always speak louder than words. Check out the photos below from Nick Joseph, who chronicled the event from start to finish, plus VICE’s . And, of course, peep the photos of Koston’s shades, which will retail between $120 and $170 when the line hits Oakley online and retailers on July 1.

Photo Credit: Nick Joseph

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