I Cannot Believe My Family’s Geology!

03.12.10 8 years ago 33 Comments

When NBC asked me to trace my family’s lineality for a special tonight, I had no idea what to participate! I had never studied my family’s geology before!

Well, it turns out that some of my aunt/sisters are white people! It’s true! White aunt/sisters! I could not believe that. All those germerations ago, there were white people in the Smith family! If you had told me two years ago that I was the decrescent of white people, I would have been FLABBERBATED!

Well, this discovery makes me see the world in a whole new might. Having white aunt/sisters changes my very indemnity. No longer am I Emmitt Smiff: Affercan/Amurrcan. I am just Emmitt Smiff: All Amurrcan. I am white. I am black. I am multiculternal. CITIZEN OF THE WHIRL. No longer am I just a member of this race or that race. I am ambervision. I AM BISEXUAL! A STACCATO! WHO KNEW?

I want to use this special as a way of showing people that they can use geology to discover new things about themselves and their magnificent others. Tonight’s NBC special redeclines, at least for me, the nations of what family is, and what are the real ties that grind us.

If I were myself, I would say to myself, “Emmitt, you’ve been given a gift with this discovery. No longer do you have to isobate yourself in one rhythmic group. You belong to all rhymicities now. Take this moment to reach out to all those around you. Be more tolerable. Don’t be prejujyfuit. Find more of yourself in those you always considered different and foreign. DON’T BE A XYLOPHONE.” That’s what I would say.

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