Is A Guy Named Earl Sweatshirt Better Than Nas?

03.25.11 7 years ago 154 Comments

I’ve admittedly been late to the Odd Future party, not really checking them too tough since they scared the crap out of me at SXSW. But over the last week or so, I’ve decided to give them a shot.

The verdict: Tyler is a dope rapper, but I think some of the stuff the crew says seems to be out of pure shock value. Still, Tyler is knows how to crank out some complex rhyme schemes. Of course, you can’t talk about OFWGYMCA without talking about their off-wax appearances. They made the media rounds, including this interview with my fellow WWE megafan Peter Rosenberg.

I kind of half-listened until I heard Tyler mention that Earl Sweatshirt’s first album was better than Illmatic.

Before you guys go ham insulting Tyler for his blasphemy, take a step back. Earl is Tyler’s little brother and in his camp, so Tyler has some bias, which he admits in the interview. Still, I couldn’t help but dig deeper and find out who this Earl Sweatshirt kid is. I was pretty skeptical since OFW isn’t the first group to hype up a missing member. Remember when G-Unit was like, “wait until Yayo gets out of jail”? I was all excited to hear him, only to find out he’s one of the worst rappers in any clique.

I thought Earl would be the same story. Wrong. The kid, while not Nas, is about as dope of a 17-year-old rapper you’ll ever hear. His wordplay is complex beyond his years and he snaps every time out. Here’s a sample from his very NSFW and disturbing self-titled video.

As much as Tyler has been getting attention, Earl, who’s, according to Wikipedia, off at boarding school, might be the best MC out of the clique. Below is the full album so you can judge for yourselves.

DownloadEarl Sweatshirt – Earl | Alt. Link

Bonus — Nardwuar interviews Odd Future and exposes us to the greatest Ciara impression known to man.

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