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09.19.12 5 years ago 34 Comments

A local news station in Jacksonville caught up with the fan who ran on the field during the Jaguars’ home loss to the Texans on Sunday. Other than sporting a nose ring that makes him look like the lost member of Limp Bizkit (J-VILLE, Y’ALL!), Chad Dewick said he did it for the understandable reason that sitting there and watching the Jaguars is boring and depressing. He was just trying to help, people.

REPORTER: “Did you plan to do it when you went in?”

CHAD: “No, it kinda happened halfway through. The Jacksonville Jags were losing and figured I’d make it a little more entertaining since we were getting our asses kicked so bad.”

My favorite part is that he spent the night in jail without shoes because he took them off before he charged the field. Presumably because his fellow Jags fans would say, “Whoa, shoes? Who does this guy think he is? Well, la di da, Mr. Fancy Jorts!”

— Your KSK sexbag writer, Matt Ufford, did an AMA on Reddit today. Read it and shame yourself if you didn’t take part.

— Colts coach Chuck Pagano said that Maurice Jones-Drew is like “a bowling ball full of butcher knives“. Will this lead to the awesome creation of butcher ball? With meat pins? I don’t know. Let me start getting drunk and we’ll see if this happens.

— Smokin’ Jay Cutler is the new Tumblr meme hotness. Here’s our submission:

— With the passing of Steve Sabol, it’s a timely occasion to look back to this feature from last year about how the NFL Network is pretty much killing NFL Films. Looks like we all have to mourn the time when we were allowed to have nice things. [H/T @Desipio]

— There appear to be rumblings that Redskins defensive backs coach Raheem Morris was calling the plays for the defense in the fourth quarter of the team’s loss to the Rams instead of defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. That’s nice. With Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker done for the season, the ‘Skins could turn back to Sherman Lewis’ bingo calling for all it matters.

— It was reported this morning that Dan Snyder would be holding a political fundraiser for Mitt Romney, but now it appears both sides are denying that was ever going to happen. Too bad, Roy Helu was looking forward to being the representative for his race at the event.

— On Monday, two brothers in Wisconsin played a particularly raucous game of Madden that resulted in doors being ripped of hinges, the cops being called five times. OH NO, THE REPLACEMENT REFS HAVE LOST CONTROL OF VIRTUAL FOOTBALL, TOO!

— The porn star formerly known as Bibi Jones has released another photo of her posing with Gronk from last year. Meanwhile, Gronk is all, like, “Pffft, that was 20 CRUSHING ITs ago.”

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