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08.06.12 5 years ago 50 Comments

About 20 Jets players got into a brawl at practice today. The episode was precipitated by D’Anton Lynn, cornerback and son of the team’s running backs coach, who pushed food poisoning survivor Joe McKnight out of bounds. McKnight retaliated by throwing a ball at him, which set it off. Rex Ryan reportedly ran over to the scrum to break it up and to put $10 on the one who isn’t Joe McKnight. Peter King is shocked – just shocked – that a coach’s son would act like a sh*thead and start fights.

Anyway, Nacho is very upset about what transpired. That’s not helpful. The way you’re supposed to spin a training camp brawl is to tell the press, “Awwww, don’t you worry about that. THEY’RE JUST FEISTY!”

Video of the scrum, as it was dissipating, via CBS Sports:

— That’s about as good a concept for a couples jersey. I’m sure Sexy Rexy doesn’t mind being the less sexy of the RGIIIs, so long as he’s giving it to the lady in the jersey.

— Noted baseball asshole George Will weighed in about how he thinks football is doomed because it’s not baseball and doesn’t wear bowties and khaki pants.

— SB Nation Chicago blogger recounts a recent incident (no. 2) of Jay Cutler being a dismissive, sarcastic asshole to him. Yes, I know. I’m as floored as you are.

— The Jaguars have finally come to terms with Justin Blackmon. Pretty that contract signing included confiscating his car keys for the evening. Just kidding, his license is already suspended.

— Not much here, just amused that Sean Payton’s kid looks exactly like him, plus the baby fat. Sean is even teaching him the family scowl. “That’s it, boy. Scrunch that face!”

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