Juicy J – “Codeine Cups” Video

06.26.12 6 years ago

From his Blue Dream & Lean bonus tracks (grab’em here), Juicy J gifts us with the beautifully purple-tinted video for “Codeine Cups.” Somehow, someway, J kind of keeps rapping about the same things–lean, trendy drugs, exotic ladies, and cars that cost more than most people make in five years–but no one is mad about it, including this writer.

Directed by Daniel Czernilofsky, “Codeine Cups” isn’t blurred beyond recognition with trippy effects like most of Juicy J’s past videos of his Blue Dream & Lean era. Instead, the nearly-naked lady dousing herself with the hose next to the Rolls-Royce steals the show in perfect clarity as J looks on and sips from his cup of codeine. As long as King Trippy keeps doing his thang, people will keep loving him for it.

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