Justin Bieber – “Boyfriend” Video

05.04.12 6 years ago 23 Comments

Check out my lil’ homie Justin Bieber. The teen pop icon grew up, put some gel in his hair, got some ass along the way all leading to his new video for “Boyfriend” from the forthcoming album Believe. I still hold to the stance that the hook from this record is tough and, while the lyrics may not be what I want to hear on a daily basis, I respect the grind and the target audience. At some point, J.B. wasn’t going to be that kid with the mop haircut wooing 11-14 year old girls across the world with the sheer harmony of “Baby.” It was cool at 16, but would look real To Catch A Predator-ish had he carried it on any further. Given what I know from someone close to Bieber, he’s well aware that attempting to hold on to that segment of his career is useless and ultimately damming. That in mind, he’s making the music he wants to make and rolling with the punches from there.

The transition in his career is evident. He’ll lose some fans in this process, and he’ll also gain some new ones at the same damn time. Every artist goes through it at some point. For The Biebs, he may as well enjoy the ride regardless. And from the looks of this video, it’s looking like he is.

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