Mike Florio Dropped The Most Mike Florio Line In A Very Typical Mike Florio Blog

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07.06.12 36 Comments

Football players do a lot of random things to supplement their offseason training, from Donald Driver’s long love affair with yoga to Donovan McNabb playing freeze tag with high school students. Hell, Lynn Swann, Herschel Walker, and Willie Gault were just a few of the NFL players who practiced ballet to improve their coordination. So it’s no surprise that some NFL players in recent years have used Mixed Martial Arts as a form of training to help improve dexterity, strength, and general toughness, among other things.

Add New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow to that growing list, as Rener Gracie Tweeted yesterday that Tebow would be joining his “family”. The Gracie family, as most MMA fans know, invented Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I won’t pretend to be a big enough expert to know when they started kicking ass, but anyone who has even watched an MMA event has probably heard the Gracie name.

Just don’t go adding Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio to that list.

According to TMZ, Tebow is working out with the “legendary” Gracie family (who are so “legendary” that I hadn’t previously heard of them).

What an arrogant, ignorant comment that should be engraved on a plaque and hung in the Asshole Hall of Fame.

The extent of Tebow’s MMA training isn’t known. And it’s also not completely known whether it’s effective, especially for a quarterback.

After all, Matt Leinart once did it.

Florio was smart enough to name drop FOX’s Jay Glazer, as his MMA Athletics company that he co-founded with UFC legend Randy Couture has been the training home of Jared Allen, Clay Matthews, and Patrick Willis, among others. Leinart also worked with Glazer, but it was more to get in better shape and improve his attitude, as beer bonging strawberry ‘gritas in the hot tub with Beckki and Sinnamon is bad for business. However, that was before Glazer teamed with Couture, so I think that Florio’s actually crapping on Glazer’s efforts and saying that he’s a pussy who can’t successfully help NFL players without Couture.

The only way to settle this is for Florio to fight either Glazer or Leinart. Otherwise, his new nickname is Big Sissy Clitty Boy. We’ll need a decision by 5 PM today, Mike.

Come on, tell me you don't want to see Glazer drop a few knees on that face.

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