Black Rob Feat. Snaggapuss & Sadat X – “Can’t Make It In NY (Remix)”

05.31.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Black Rob and Sadat X appearing on the remix to Rob’s “Can’t Make It In NY” is a good thing, but not the draw. Don’t get it twisted because they both sound great. But the star of the show has to be Snaggapuss, he of legendary fame associated with Doo-Wop’s mid-90s Bounce Squad crew that used to open up every tape jackin’ beats way before 50 made the act commonplace on mixtapes. Gone is a bit of his comic inflection inspired by the Hanna-Barbera character but there’s still enough ill in his voice to make listening to him rhyme feel like a trip down memory lane for those who remember when mixtapes actually came out on cassette.

Maybe Uneek will turn up soon and wreck a verse for someone. She and snag used to murder sh*t.

Salute: Nah Right

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