“The More Attention You Give ‘Em, The More Options They Seek…”

07.28.12 5 years ago 20 Comments

To protect the names of the innocent, I will refrain from the exact story behind “M.I.A.” I will say this however. It’s going to pain some of you. It may go against everything you believe in. And for that, I offer this form of consolation. Life, indeeds, goes on. Omarion, Maybach O, whatever he goes by these days can say he dropped a track worth mentioning in 2012 that wasn’t a complete wash.

The Wale-assisted track found on the Maybach conglomerate’s Self Made Vol. 2 unfortunately will never get the push it deserves with Ross’ album on the horizon and Meek’s debut soon after. In any event, “M.I.A.” is one of those tracks which probably won’t sound right on computer speakers or stuck in traffic. Instead, label it a situational single given the fact under the right circumstances the song proves its true worth. With a dark, yet infectious feel, the two-man MMG’er operation blends right in with the course of carefree summer nights when the only concern stems around two vitally important questions. Should I take this last drink? And who exactly can I call at this time of night who’ll pick up?

Omarion & Wale – “M.I.A.”

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