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To be clear, yes, there is a live blog for the season kick-off tonight, starting at 8 ET. We are making a few changes to the live blog format. For starters, we’re no longer using CoverItLive for the following reasons:

1. They’re charging money now.

2. It’s a pain in the ass to use for an audience of our size. Only 20 people can be given automatic comment status, meaning all the other comments have to be manually approved by a moderator. This is an involved process for someone already trying to steer the discussion on a live blog. If I got up to go to the bathroom, comments would not get published for a few minites and we’d have a backlog of readers yelling “WHY AREN’T MY COMMENTS GOING THROUGH!?” Plus, because there was a slight delay with the approval process, a ton of people would make the same jokes all at once, not realizing that 15 people already made that GRITTY reaction after a white receiver caught a pass.

3. The only benefit to CoverItLive that we’ll miss is the ability to create polls. And most of the polls we created were pretty stupid anyway. Nevertheless, UPROXX is working on creating its own polling mechanism.

The live blogs will take a similar appearance as the open threads, with a regular post up top and live discussion commenting enabled below. The comment box will be located at the top of the thread, with most recent comments appearing at the top of the thread, as opposed to the bottom. It should be much more coherent than the CoverItLive streams, where messages would get buried in a matter of seconds. Also, you can respond directly to someone’s comment, rather than throw up a disconnected reply and hope the person you’re referring to happened to notice. We’re also gonna do a post per half with the games we’re live blogging, so I can get some of the screenshots, video and GIFs from the first half posted.

Overall, this should be an improved live blogging experience. Now if only most of the games we’ll end up live blogging won’t suck.

— Jason Witten was willing to sign a medical waiver saying that he’s willing to play in the opener tonight, despite his lacerated spleen. Doctors said no, and recommended another few days of rehab in the glory holes.

— Hakeem Nicks is expected to play, but his injured toe remains an issue.

— Tom Brady trolled strangers with mind control to make them believe there was a football game played by random people of wildly different ages at the airport concourse. But there was no football game. There wasn’t even a football. That was then that Tom Brady began to understand the scope of his telepathetic powers. He also made them buy UGGS because UGGS are fierce.

— In a totally unrelated story, Outsports found five other current NFL players would said they would be accepting of a gay teammate.

— Sean Payton is following the example of the Land Baron and spending his time being the offensive coordinator of his son’s middle school football team. Expect the chop blockiest linemen since the late ’90s Broncos. No word on whether this will interfere with his mystical vision quest.

— Because it was silly to think we’d actually be rid of Frank Caliendo, ESPN has already brought him on to delight Chris Berman and his gang of yelltards the Madden impressive that they’ll certainly force laugh wayyyyy too hard at. The NBC crew will be so happy!

— Donovan McNabb joined the NFL Network, so expect a lot of catty comments about Mike Shanahan on their pregame shows.

— The NOC made a video trying to gag on the stereotypes of each fan base. Eh, some of them are amusing while others are really entry-level jokes. Some are just lazy. Apparently, the stereotype of Bengals fans is “LOL WHO ARE THESE BENGALS?”

— Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan is selling new windows by assaulting people. Ah, the hard sell. Also good to know Brian Orakpo isn’t the only awkward pitchman on that defense.

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