RGIII, We Hardly Knew Ye

07.18.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

Robert Griffin III has officially signed his four-year, $21 million rookie contract with the Redskins, thus ending the brief period during which we could unreservedly appreciate his boundless enthusiasm and likeable personality. He might maintain all those things that make him endearing, but they’ll also be tinged by the knowledge that all the good things he does on the field are now in the service of Dan Snyder.

That’s right. Let the backlash begin!

I’ve been hanging onto this draft day screenshot for a while and I’m still very much entertained by the ginger kid standing next to Chief Zee wearing his new customized RGIII jersey backwards so the camera can see the nameplate. “I didn’t fork over 100 bucks for this advance fake only for people to think I’m wearing a Jabar Gaffney jersey!”

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