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06.14.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

– SEATOT! Seattle fullback Michael Robinson brought his kid along to minicamp, where his son, Burton, got to try on dad’s helmet. Tony Romo wonders why a father without an endorsement deal with Riddell would even bother.

– Joe Flacco is missing part of the Ravens’ mandatory minicamp because his wife just gave birth to the couple’s first child.

Expect Flacco to berate reporters next week for not giving him enough credit for a successful birthing process.

– Since we’re on a roll with bird team subject matter, the makers of Angry Birds are teaming with the Philadelphia Eagles to make an Iggles version of the mobile app game. There will also be new Angry Birds animations played at the Linc during games. For instance, if Eli Manning gets sacked, the stadium video board will show a bird knocking Elisha over. Sound idea, if you ask me. Olivia has always found cartoons an effective way to distract Eli.

– DeSean Jackson has a rap album coming out. If there’s not a track called “Jammin’ On The 1”, then consider me saddened.

– Noted lying liar Jim Harbaugh is upset that people would accuse him of taking liberties with the truth.

– BRB, ’bout to go give this homeless guy $3.16.

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