The Cooley Family Gets Real, Mad Real

04.15.09 9 years ago 63 Comments

Oh Cooleys, don’t ever change.

Chris Cooley
, the Redskins tight end/internet sensation, has begun work on a new reality show called The Cooley Zone, the first webisode of which you can see below. While this provides just a quick look at life in the Cooley household it’s evident that the show is already significantly better than just about any reality show on television right now. Multiple episodes have been filmed and they’ll be rolled out periodically throughout the offseason.

Note: What follows is the censored version of the Cooley Zone preview webisode. The original was yanked by the NFL because they get off on your frustrations.

Well it looks like the NFL has pulled the censored version as well. Hopefully Reel Jems won’t splice NFL game footage into subsequent webisodes.

While I can’t speculate as to the goings on in future episodes, I’d venture to guess that we’ll see plenty gratuitous shots of Christy looking hot and at least one brotherly slap-fight that ends with Chris forcing Tanner to hit himself repeatedly. Oh, and I’d say there’s a 75% chance that Chris downs a few beers pisses on that hornets nest at some point.

[Reel Jems Productions]

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