The Eagles Have Fired Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo, Are Now Super Bowl Bound

10.16.12 5 years ago 34 Comments

The Philadelphia Eagles have jumped out to a disappointing 3-3 start, due mainly to an offense that is 31st in the league in scoring and has turned the ball over 17 times (including 13 by quarterback Michael Vick). In an attempt to turn things around during the bye week, the team announced today that it has fired offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.

The Eagles announced Tuesday that they have dismissed defensive coordinator Juan Castillo from his duties and have named secondary coach Todd Bowles as their new defensive coordinator. [NFL]

Wait… what?

Say what you will about the general concept of taking your offensive line coach and installing him as your defensive coordinator (and I have said plenty), but this is the ultimate “EVERYTHING IS FINE. LOOK OVER THERE” move by Andy Reid. The Eagles defense is currently ranked around the middle of the pack in both scoring and yards allowed. Is that ideal? No. Do they have issues with getting to the quarterback and utilizing personnel in a way that maximizes their talents? Sure. But the team lost their last two games on the final play, and in both of those games Michael Vick put the ball on the ground in HORRIBLE spots. If that doesn’t happen — if, say, someone had grabbed Michael Vick’s hand before the game and slathered it with some sort of sticky goop, and maybe also screamed “THROW THE BALL AWAY MORE AND MAYBE SLIDE FEET FIRST FROM NOW ON GEEZ” while they had his attention — the team could very easily be 5-1 instead of 3-3.

Castillo certainly isn’t blameless in all this, but firing him during the bye week implies that a disproportionate amount of the fault is his — so much so that he had to be removed immediately. It’s a chickenshit move by a scared coach. It’s Andy Reid saying “I have addressed the problem. No one worry. I am in control” when there is need to worry, and, increasingly, the real problem is his control. Look, for all I know the defense will be significantly improved under Todd Bowles. I hope it is. But, to be perfectly clear, this move doesn’t fix shit.

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