UConn Women’s Basketball: The Greatest Streak No One Cares About

12.20.10 7 years ago 18 Comments

I pray this doesn’t come off as chauvinistic, but I know it is, so here goes nothing: women’s basketball is not my cup of tea. Like, at all. That’s not to say these females couldn’t wipe the floor with me because I’m sure about a great portion of them could. Still, I know something legendary when I see it and what’s going in the upper northeast is the epitome of such. The last time the University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball came up on the negative side of a score, I was still a month away from graduating from Hampton University. To provide some sense of time, this was April 2008.

Since then, the Lady Huskies have won 88 straight – tying John Wooden’s legendary UCLA teams of the 1970s, ending in 1974 – in an almost unfair fashion. Of those victories, 86 have been by more than 10 points. Let’s put some of these factors into perspective.

— This means the freshman, sophomore and juniors on the team have NEVER lost a NCAA game.

— The UConn women boast a 92% graduation rate, as opposed to 31% by the men’s program. And just for kicks, Maya Moore has a meager 3.7 GPA while holding the rank as arguably the best women’s player in world.

*Granted, women’s players must stay all four years.

— Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III was the most anticipated album in Hip-Hop. Even with the astronomical buzz, selling a million in a week was next to impossible.

— The possibility of Barack Obama becoming President of the United States still seemed more like a fairy tale than a reality.

— Michael Vick and “successful return” to the NFL was an after thought.

The baffling thing about tying such an iconic mark in sports history is that the game itself was not nationally televised. Sure, the NFL had a bevy of great games yesterday and politics are politics, but I find it hard to believe this streak isn’t getting the coverage it deserves. Winning this many games in a row is noteworthy regardless of the sport, regardless of the “competition” and regardless of the bias most have against women’s ball. The only thing in sports a team can ever do is play their schedule.

Then again, like a wise man once told me, many fail to appreciate greatness while it’s still great.

If they can keep this thing going to 100 straight – February 5 at home vs. Depual – they deserve their own 30 For 30. I’ve been saying that for months now.

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