The Killers’ Brandon Flowers Found The Perfect Song To Wash His Hands To

Since the global coronavirus pandemic broke out in the US, the CDC listed its recommendation for remaining healthy and stopping the virus’ spread. While many states and celebrities have encouraged the method of social-distancing to curb the virus from spreading to large groups of people, a big recommendation by health officials is the act of washing your hands. The CDC recommends washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and celebrities are beginning to share videos of themselves doing just that to encourage cleanliness.

The Killers‘ Brandon Flowers is the latest to chime in about proper handwashing methods. After fake videos surfaced on Twitter of a neighborhood in Italy singing popular songs from their balcony, The Killers debunked a video that included their hit song “Mr. Brightside.”

“This isn’t real,” they wrote on a video of a group of people singing their 2004 Hot Fuss hit.

“But this is,” the band captioned a video of Brandon Flowers washing his hands. As he scrubs for the CDC-recommended 20 seconds, Flowers stares at himself in the mirror while singing the chorus to “Mr. Brightside.”

Brandon Flowers is the latest celebrity to post a video of him washing his hands. Hugh Jackman recently got himself into hot water with his own handwashing video. A video went viral of him washing his hands to Doja Cat’s “Say So,” but fans were unhappy to see that he left the tap running. The backlash led the actor to follow-up with a second video, this time turning off the tap while he scrubs his hands.

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