The Best Tasting Liquors, According To The Masses

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What is the best-tasting alcohol on the market? That’s almost impossible to answer. The best tasting liquor is very, very subjective. Some of us prefer the neutral burn of a killer vodka, others the bite of a dram of whiskey, others the sweet spice of a rum, and others still full-on candy-forward taste of liqueurs. Some of us love it all.

Choosing one liquor to call the best is not an easy thing to do. In fact, we’d argue it’s not even really necessary since we all like whatever we like. Still, it’s an interesting question if you look at from a wider lens. What do the masses like to drink? What is beloved near and far?

For an answer to that question, we popped over to Ranker to see what the great surging crowds have to say. 17,500 votes later, a top ten emerged. We have to say, there are a lot of surprises on this list. Yes, there’s whiskey and rum and all that but also some deep cut bottles like absinth and limoncello show up in the top ten. Meanwhile, bourbon is nowhere to be found. Yet another reminder that the masses are weird.

10. Absinth

Wow. Just, wow. Absinth is a strong choice for any list. The green fairy is renowned for its heavy-hitting ABV that’ll put you on your ass if you’re not careful.

Yes, there’s wormwood in this elixir but not enough to make you hallucinate. It really is just the high alcohol volume that gets you super lit. The taste of this one is alcohol burn tempered with notes of herbal licorice, anis, and wood. It’s surprisingly complex under all that burn.

Can’t-miss bottle: Pernod Absinthe, buy it here for $89.99.

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