These Instagram Travel Influencers Will Inspire Your Wanderlust Dreams

Social media travel influencers have changed the whole game. Instagram has created a space where the old-school worlds of Lonely Planet guidebooks, modeling, advertising, travel TV, and even the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue collide. At their worst, travel influencers are vapid and destructive. At their best, they offer would-be adventurers all the resources and inspiration needed to go out and hit the road.

The nature of this particular beast means that “magazine” beauty often reigns supreme in the #Instaravel world. But unlike the old days of glossies, there are no gatekeepers. Today, anyone can throw pics up at their favorite destinations. For the first time in the industry’s history, people of color, people with varying body types, and LGBQTI travelers can reach mainstream audiences without having to fight a system that’s weighted against them. That’s why we find the platform positive overall, despite its obvious flaws.

If you visit Uproxx often, you see that we work with travel influencers on the regular. So we feel like it’s our duty to lay down a list of the best travel influencers on Instagram to follow right now. These are the vagabonds, the mad ones, and the wanderlusters who are out there on the open road, taking risks, and shining a light on a way of life that many naysayers will tell you is impossible. Remember, everyone featured in this article is a real live person. Road warriors on the path less taken. If they can manage to live big, bold, adventurous lives crisscrossing the globe, perhaps you can too!

Andrew Gunadie — 12.5k followers

Via Instagram

Andrew Gunadie shot to worldwide fame through his YouTube channel and a viral song he made with Julia Bentley, Canada, Please. From there, Gunadie has parlayed his internet celebrity into gigs with Travel Channel on Hit Me With Your Best Spots. In the show, Gunadie travels the world with an eye on experience and food, making his Instagram feed a must-follow.

Amanda Burrill — 12k followers

Via Amanda Burrill

Amanda Burrill’s AmandaUncharted profile is envy-inducing. After the Navy, Burrill trained as a chef and set out to see the world with a bent for hardcore adventure. That makes her wide-ranging feed the perfect follow for foodie adventure-seekers looking to find beauty in every corner of the world.

Karl Watson — 13.1k followers

Via Instagram

Karl Watson is killing the travel documentary game. His YouTube channel is a must-follow for practical and down-to-earth travel tips all over the world. That makes Watson’s Instagram feed another must-follow for anyone looking for a healthy dose of inspiration and information.

Charlotte and Natalie — 13.5k followers

Via Instagram

Travel couple Charlotte and Natalie have set their life to adventure and are burning up the travel scene. Via their blog, Our Taste For Life, the duo is experiencing the world through fresh eyes, bringing a sense of wonder to any Insta feed.

Erin Rose Belair — 14.7k followers

Via Instagram

Erin Rose Belair’s handle, Rose Blacque, is a repository of artistic musing about life, travel, art, love, and the open road. Belair’s Instagram has a subtle nature to it that veers into artfulness and thoughtfulness, making it one of the most unique experiences you can have on Instagram.

If you want more of Erin’s shine, check out her articles for Uproxx.

Josh Campbell — 16.2k followers

Via Instagram

Josh Campbell works around the world with his partner, fashion influencer Zoë Isabella. Campbell’s feed touches on his travels with Zoë Isabella while highlighting his deep love of the outdoors and adventure. While there is a clear around-the-world lean to the feed, some of our favorite shots are of Campbell romping through his home grounds around southern Utah.

Clarissa King — 17.1k followers

Via Instagram

Clarissa King’s feed is the epitome of the #vanlife: perfectly framed surf, dark forests, and a wanderlust-inspiring aesthetic. King’s vibe bleeds the outdoors with plenty of hiking, surfing and cozy moments in the back of a van. King’s feed and connected blog will leave you wanting nothing more than to slip the bounds of rent and office spaces and drift away into the van life world.

Hope Lane — 18.4k followers

Via Instagram

Hope Lane’s handle, Hopeisdopee, offers a refreshing bit of realism. The whole feed is alive with outdoor adventure front and center — cliff diving in particular. Clearly, this is a woman having a blast with her adventure crew while embracing the wonders of the great outdoors. Hope Lane’s feed is pure fun at every swimming hole, waterfall, and hot spring.

Want more of Hope’s insight and vibes? Check out our interview with her.

Marlina Moreno — 20.4k followers

Via Instagram

Marlina Moreno’s feed is one of the most unique out there. Her travels focus on animal conservation around the world. There’s a clear, positive message that’s helping preserve some of the most at-risk animal communities while also highlighting the beauty of faraway spots across Africa and SE Asia.

Karen Ramos — 20.7k followers

Via Instagram

Karen Ramos is part of the next evolution of social media influencers. Ramos — an Indigenous American from Oaxaca — offers a unique perspective on the travel experience that few ever hear or see. Ramos’ feed bridges cultures while embracing nature, natural wonders, adventure, the van life, and Indigenous issues. Following Ramos’ travels is a chance to see the world through Indigenous eyes.

Stacey Leasca — 25k followers

Via Instagram

Stacey Leasca is a travel journalist by day and kick-ass travel influencer by night. Leasca’s travels hit some of the most desirable corners of the world with a clear eye on luxury, adventure, food, and living your best life on the road.

Soheila Hakimi — 28.4k followers

Via Instagram

Travel blogger and fashionista Soheila Hakimi offers a bright world through her Instagram feed. Each post is a window into a destination, a new place, and the information you need to get there via Hakimi’s blog. It’s the perfect blend of lifestyle and wanderlust.

You can also check out Hakimi’s writing for UPROXX here.

Annette Richmond — 29.1k followers

Via Instagram

Annette Richmond upended the Instagram algorithm by creating the wildly successful #FatGirlsTraveling movement. Richmond has created a space where women of every size can live their travel dreams online. This is an essential follow for anyone eager to see a dream team of amazing travelers exploring every corner of the world.

Luke & Jess — 33.2k followers

Via Instagram

Luke & Jess of As We Wander combine both #travelgoals and #relationshipgoals into one killer feed. The couple focuses on outdoor adventure travel with Outback swimming holes, tropical waterfalls, Southwest canyons, and far-flung beaches taking center stage. The duo’s über-fit bodies work as an accent to the amazing scenery.

Justin Walter — 37.5k followers

Via Instagram

This is a great follow for anyone looking for some adventurous inspiration. Justin Walter’s Around The World with Justin is a fantastic repository for up-to-date and wanderlust-inducing travel information. Walter’s feed will take you to every corner of the world with a deep sense of the place and heaps of adventure front-and-center.

Meg Kee — 42.2k followers

Via Instagram

The outdoors, adventure, and female-empowerment collide on Meg Kee’s Instagram feed. Kee — an avid rock climber and outdoor adventurer — has also spearheaded Mountain Girls which gives female outdoor adventure travelers a place to share their experiences in the wilds of the world.

Kee’s feed is pure fuel to get you off the couch and into the great outdoors.

Alastair Humphreys — 42.7k followers

Via Instagram

Alastair Humphreys invented the microadventure movement. His books are wonderful guides that’ll help you connect with nature — even if only for a night. Humphrey’s feed is the perfect place to help nurture that nature connection and learn the ways of the microadventure.

Emily Hart — 43.5k followers

Via Instagram

Emily Hart of Emilyventures offers a fantastic glimpse into the wonders of the great American outdoors. Hart’s feed is all about the camping life and hitting the trail into the wilds of America with a nice dose of van life thrown in for good measure. This is a great feed to follow if you’re looking for inspiration in your own backyard, especially if you love national parks.

Want more from Emily? Check our interview with her here!

Ciara Johnson — 48.6k followers

Via Instagram

Hey Ciara is one of the hippest feeds on the ‘Gram. Johnson posts up amazing photos from her solo travel around the world and, then, explains how to make it all happen. She’s honest, open, and brave — sharing the hard parts of travel right along with the joys.

This is the perfect spot to get inspired to travel and get the practical guidance necessary to do so.

Phil Calvert — 49k followers

Via Instagram

Phil The Culture, aka Philwaukee, is killing the travel game right now. Calvert’s Insta feed is a repository of #FOMO travel to some of the harder corners of the world which led to a TV show over at Matador. Calvert is popping off right now, making this a must-follow account.

Cameron Lee — 49.6k followers

Via Instagram

Out With Cameron is a must-follow for anyone looking for a splash of the good life in their travel experience. Cameron Lee’s feed is all about combining the luxury side of travel with the practical. It’s alluring and will have you wishing you were on the road with Lee at all those plush hotels and dope restaurants. This is pure luxury from a deeply insightful adventurer.

David Duran — 56.6k followers

Via Instagram

Mr. David Duran hits a lot of travel sectors and pulls it all off. Part luxury travel, part adventure travel, part queer travel, part POC travel — Duran’s feed has levels, fam. Duran posts from some of the most luxurious spots one week and, then, the next week he’s summitting Kilimanjaro. It’s a blast to follow.

Wendy Hu — 62.2k followers

Via Instagram

Wendy Hu’s Nomadic Fare offers a unique glimpse into the travel world. Hu is a solo POC female traveler who’s created one of the most fun travel experiences on Instagram. Clearly, Hu is having a great time seeing the world and her feed invites you to have a great time seeing it too.

David Rule — 71.3k followers

Via Instagram

David Rule is an up-and-coming travel photographer and adventurer with a killer eye. Rule’s feed is filled with breathtaking photos of nature-focused adventurers around the world. This is pure adrenaline bait for anyone looking to hit the great outdoors.

Gloria Atanmo — 74.6k followers

Via Instagram

The Blog Abroad from Gloria Atanmo is a rollicking good time. Atanmo’s feed will take you around the world to places both familiar and seemingly unknown with one throughline: Fun. From the beer halls of Oktoberfest in Munich to ancient Hindu palaces in Jaipur to deep in the Sahara, Atanmo’s feed draws you in and inspires you to seek out your own adventures.

Oneika Raymond — 82.7k followers

Via Instagram

Oneika Raymond works hard out there. That hard work is paying off with a new set of digital shows for Travel Channel and appearances all over American TV — wherein Raymond shares all that she’s learned as a Black woman traveling solo. Raymond inspires you to hit the road and, then, gives you the tools to do it yourself. That’s a win-win.

Alexandra Saper — 89.1k followers

Via Instagram

Alexandra Saper’s The Wayfaress feed is an inspiration. Saper — a former lawyer — works from Bali and travels all around, capturing the beauty of the corners of the world few tread, but many dream of going.

Kellee Edwards — 101k followers

Via Instagram

Pilot, diver, TV host, and adventurer Kellee Edwards is always on the move. The Mysterious Island host has an Instagram feed full of globetrotting travels based around Edwards’ non-stop life in the travel fast lane.

Alivia Latimer — 103k followers

Via Instagram

Portland-based Alivia Latimer runs a dope Instagram feed. Travel is the main focus with amazing locations filling Latimer’s page. There’s a clear lifestyle edge that’s bolstered by Latimer’s killer photographer’s eye.

Captain Liz Clark — 106k followers

Via Instagram

There are a lot of ways to travel around this ol’ rock of ours. Sailing might be one of the most tactical, least environmentally damaging, and most rewarding. Captain Liz Clark is showing the world that this fantastical adventure can actually be pulled off. It’s enrapturing, educational, and stirring.

Follow Captain Liz for long enough and you’ll find yourself looking up just how much it really costs to buy your own sailboat and set off on those high seas.

Rachel Rudwall — 107k followers

Via Instagram

Rachel Rudwall of Rachel Roams does it all. Rudwall is a hardcore adventurer who isn’t afraid to jump out of a plane or dive with sharks, cage-free. Rudwall has been all over travel TV and her feed is perfect for anyone looking for some heart-pounding inspiration to hit that road.

Michael Rizzi — 113k followers

Via Michael Rizzi

Michael Rizzi’s travels around the world are well documented on his Instagram feed and saved stories. Rizzi highlights the world through a bright aesthetic and positive attitude as he bounces from one corner of the planet to another.

Better still, Rizzi’s feed is an excellent source for LGBT+ related travel advice.

Noël Russell — 113k followers

Via Noel Russell

Noël Russell offers a classic look at the #vanlife experience through her travels around America with her boyfriend, a couple of dogs, and a camera. Russell’s feed inspires and entices while her blog offers practical tips for diving into the deep end of the van life vagabond experience.

Elona Karafin — 116k followers

Via Instagram

Elona The Explorer offers a glimpse into travel through a unique lens. Karafin kept her day job to prove that you can have an amazing (and affordable) travel life on the weekends. Karafin offers deep insight into making your travel dreams come true, even when you have to work Monday to Friday every week.

Haley Plotkin — 131k followers

Via Instagram

Haley Plotkin’s Readysetjetset is a great follow for anyone looking for bright destinations, beautiful food, and a smattering of adventure. The bright colors of Plotkin’s page will help your feed pop. This is destination travel with all the food recommendations thrown in to assure you won’t go hungry.

Lee Litumbe — 163k followers

Via Instagram

Lee Litumbe’s Spirited Pursuit aims to bring the world together. Litumbe’s feed is part fashion, part inspiration, and all travel. Litumbe’s Instagram offers a fresh set of eyes to view the world through.

Melanie Sutrathada — 174k followers

Via Instagram

Melanie Sutrathada’s feed is a ray of sunshine amongst the washed-out world of Instagram. Sutrathada’s eye for the colorful as she travels the world is unparalleled. You can’t help but feel a sense of lightness and ease as Sutrathada beckons you to follow her footsteps around this beautiful planet.

Cynthia Andrew — 188k followers

Via SimplyCyn

Cynthia Andrew’s SimplyCyn captures travel, fashion, and artistry in every single photo she posts. Andrew’s feed is overflowing with wanderlust-inducing photos in far-flung locales. This all leads you to Andrew’s blog — which offers travel advice, fashion tips, and music drops along with original art.

Aubrie Bell — 202k followers

Via Instagram

Aubrie Bell’s Globetrotting Ginger Travel is a melding of far-flung travel and lifestyle. Bell’s feed has a definite fashion edge to it that’s always framed in some of the world’s most stunning locations. There’s also a positivity to Bell’s feed that’s undeniable and addicting.

Alyssa Ramos — 215k followers

Via Instagram

Alyssa Ramos makes a living traveling the world as a blogger and photographer. She’s a solo adventurer who hits spots from the Antarctic to the savannahs of Africa and all points in between. Ramos’ feed is pure fun, adventure, and always wanderlust-inducing.

Brock & Chris — 218k followers

Via Instagram

Brock & Chris of Yummertime offers a glimpse into the luxury side of travel and food with serious #fitnessgoals, #travelgoals, and #relationship goals. Brock & Chris’ travel life offers a look at the world of luxury travel, fashion, and food through a loving couple hitting the best spots on earth.

This is travel as pure fun, indulgence, and beauty.

Hélène — 218k followers

Via Instagram

Hélène is The Girl Born To Travel. Hélène’s feed is the stuff travel dreams are made of. Far away beaches, hot air balloons over Cappadocia, canoes floating on crystal clear alpine lakes, and so much more make this feed a delight to follow. Follow, get inspired, go.

Christine Tran — 304k followers

Via Instagram

Christine Tran’s Tour de Lust is a classic travel feed. Tran’s combination of travel, luxury, food, and fashion is defined by a serious fear of missing out alongside a keen eye of the beauty in this world. Tran presents us with a bright, colorful world we all want to venture around.

Lisa Homsy — 322k followers

Via Lisa Homsy

Lisa Homsy’s feed has a real aesthetic that’s enticing and keeps us coming back for travel inspiration. Homsy’s travels through the music festivals, beaches, backroads, French villages, and iconic monuments of our planet are worthy of your scrolling.

Claudia Padgett — 324k followers

Via Claudia Padgett

Claudia Padgett of Zeebalife (zeeba is Persian for “beautiful”) brings luxury travel to fore in her Instagram feed. What helps Padgett’s feed stand out is the semi-focus on places influencers at this level rarely hit: Think the Arabian Peninsula, Central Asia, North Africa.

This gives us all a unique view into a part of the world often underserviced in the wider travel influencer set. It’s awesome, fun to look at, and unique in the game.

Karl ‘Shakur’ N. — 329k followers

Via Instagram

Karl ‘Shakur’ N.’s feed is goddamn magical. There’s an artistic aesthetic at play here that feels otherworldly yet deeply familiar. Shakur’s lens and a keen sense of style combined with some of the most breathtaking corners of the planet make this feed an essential part of the travel influencer conversation.

Tiffany Nguyen — 360k followers

Via Instagram

Tiffany Nguyen is the travel influencer, photographer, adventurer, and dentist we wish we could be. Nguyen’s feed is full of some of the most gorgeous photos from every corner of the world. Jaw-dropping nature, stunning architecture, and a little bit of the van life make this feed an essential follow for anyone lusting after a life of grand adventure.

Michelle Chu — 395k followers

Via Michelle Chu

Travel photographer Michelle Chu understands how to capture the beauty in this world in bold blues and sheer whites. Her color palette is spot on and uniform as she snaps photos along her world travels. Following Chu’s travels is a peek into luxury travel with a keen eye on the beauty of the natural world never too far away.

Kiersten Rich — 566k followers

Via Instagram

The Blonde Abroad helps women get out on the open road. Kiersten Rich’s goals are to help women travel more, see the world through their own lens and have a great experience while out there. Rich’s feed hits the travel classics with an engaging aesthetic worthy of hitting that follow button immediately.

Raquel & Miguel — 567k followers

Via Raquel & Miguel

Travel couple Raquel and Miguel are the height of #travelrelationshipgoals. Their tanned and toned bodies don the beaches, resorts, and cities of our wanderlust dreams as they hustle their way around the world. Their photography may near a dreamscape but their captions and stories remind us that you, too, can go to these places and experience these wonders.

Marie Fe & Jake Snow — 624k followers

Via Instagram

Marie Fe & Jake Snow show off their model-level bodies in some of the most beautiful corners of the world. This is travel as a fantasy where perfection feels real. We all know perfect relationships or travel or experiences are fleeting at best, but, damn, if Fe and Snow don’t make you believe in perfect love.

Want to dive deeper into this duo’s creamy life? Check our full interview with them here.

Marina Berger — 626k followers

Via Marina Berger

Marina Berger has travel in her blood. She’s been traveling the world and writing about it since she was a teenager. That deep wanderlust has translated into a great Instagram feed that focuses on the location above all else. There are beautiful vistas posted next to amazing food, offering the best of all travel worlds. If you truly love travel, this is a crucial follow for both information and aesthetic.

Jess Dales — 729k followers

Via Instagram

Jess Wandering is the outdoor adventure handle that needs to be part of everyone’s feed, especially if you want to take on nature on your next trip. Dale’s feed embraces nature while also participating in it.

The natural world has rarely looked better than through Dale’s unique lens.

Chelsea Yamase — 825k followers

Via Instagram

Chelsea Yamase, aka Chelsea Kauai, smashes the barriers between modeling, adventure, and travel. Yamase’s feed draws you into a world of beauty around the tropics full of free diving, surfing, waterfalls, and destinations so gorgeous it’s hard to look away.

If you’re looking to add some serious adventure to your life, this is the feed to inspire you.

Aggie Lal — 861k followers

Via Instagram

Aggie Lal is another model that’s killing the travel influencer game with Travel In Her Shoes. Lal’s feed hit on destinations around the world that we all dream of going to one day. This is pure escapism and fantasy wrapped into a stunning feed that will get you traveling.

Lauren Bullen — 2.1m followers

Via Instagram

Lauren Bullen’s Gypsea Lust is the gold-standard of fashion-model-as-travel-influencer by which all others are measured. Bullen’s aesthetic created a movement on Instagram that millions follow and try to replicate. The combination of sex appeal, stunning locales, and well-crafted narratives makes Bullen’s feed a must-follow.