‘Doctor Strange’ Honest Trailer Poses The Question, ‘You Ever Watch Iron Man On Weed?’

Marvel’s Doctor Strange hit Blu-ray (including 3D Blu-ray) and DVD on Tuesday, so Screen Junkies has conjured up a timely honest trailer. Forget everything that you think you know… about Iron Man, because Marvel was hoping you wouldn’t notice their origin story movies have awfully similar beats (minus the third act battle against yet another sky portal this time, unless you count Dormammu as that).

As the honest trailer’s narrator breaks it down, along with side-by-side scenes of Tony Stark and Doctor Strange, “Experience the grand illusion that you haven’t seen this movie before as you sit through the heroic origins of this cocky but capable, super rich, wisecracking workaholic (with a weird goatee) in love with a redheaded subordinate, learning to be less selfish, played by a famous Sherlock Homes actor.”

There’s one big difference of course: Doctor Strange is hella trippy. The narrator asks, “Have you ever watched Iron Man on weed?” but we had a different drug in mind when we rounded up honest posters for this year’s Oscar-nominated movies:

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Via Screen Junkies