Chloe Is Letting The Fans Pick Her Next Single From Three Snippets She Teased On Social Media

Chloe is extremely tuned-in to social media. She’s used her Instagram to soft launch each of her solo singles and show off her impressive vocal chops. It’s clear that she takes social buzz into consideration before making moves — although that usually means those moves defy criticism rather than cater to it. Now, she’s kicking that engagement up a notch, asking fans to help her choose her next single.

During a recent live stream on Instagram, the flourishing R&B singer played snippets of three potential singles to get fans’ feedback. “I have all of this music and I don’t know which one I should do next,” she explained during an introduction. The three tracks, “For The Night,” “Suprise,” and “Cheat Back,” tapped into a more downtempo, R&B-focused groove than her previous singles, the club-ready “Have Mercy” and “Treat Me.”

While fans fought it out in the comments — with Chloe keeping a running tally, noting that most of the responses demanded “For The Night” and “Surprise” — Chloe also played two more snippets: a collaboration with 6lack called “Cry For Me” and a portion of her collaboration with Fivio Foreign, “Hello.” Although it didn’t seem that anything was resolved during the Live, we now do have a better idea of what Chloe’s self-titled debut sounds like — and a growing appetite for the full project and its release date. Check out the recording of the Live session below.