DDG’s New Album ‘Maybe It’s Me…’: Everything To Know So Far

DDG deceived fans into believing Halle Bailey was pregnant on April Fool’s Day, but the platinum-certified artist isn’t playing around when it comes to Maybe It’s Me…, his forthcoming album and follow-up to last year’s It’s Not Me It’s You.

“I don’t know, Doc. I just feel like people really be hatin’ on me for no reason, and they don’t really know what be going on. They just be going off of what they see on the internet,” DDG said in his newly dropped official trailer for Maybe It’s Me… while laying on what appears to be a therapist’s coach. “But if people knew what was really going on, like, I wouldn’t even be going through this mentally.”

DDG references “a little screenshot on Twitter scandal” that started his struggle, presumably the DMs exposed his ex-partner Rubi Rose, which has “been going on for, like, five, six months now.” The camera cuts to a young Woo Wop holding a notepad and asking DDG why he decided to DM his ex. DDG said he “was just being petty,” which directly nods toward his February single, “Way Too Petty.”

Woo Wop encourages DDG to “be the bigger person” because he’s “not in the same position as before.”

DDG is about to attract even more attention with the release of Maybe It’s Me…, and below is everything to know about the album so far.

Release Date

Maybe It’s Me… is out Friday, July 14, via DDG Entertainment Inc./Epic Records.


1. “Famous”
2. “Love For Sale”
3. “Trynna Link”
4. “Rambo”
5. “Hands On Me”
6. “Rizz”
7. “Pioneer”
8. “Hard On Myself”
9. “I’m Geekin (Remix)” Feat. NLE Choppa and BIA
10. “I’m Geekin” Feat. Luh Tyler
11. “I’m Geekin”
12. “This Summer”


As confirmed by DDG’s Instagram post sharing the tracklist, the album’s featured artists are BIA, Luh Tyler, and NLE Choppa.




DDG released the sizzling single “This Summer” in early April, but it was quickly overshadowed by the sticky, self-aggrandizing “I’m Geekin.” DDG remixed “I’m Geekin” with Luh Tyler in May and again with BIA and NLE Choppa in June. Most recently, DDG dropped “Trynna Link” last week.


As of this writing, DDG had no announced plans for a subsequent tour.

Maybe It’s Me… is out 7/14 via DDG Entertainment Inc./Epic Records. Find more information here.

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