Fans Believe Megan Thee Stallion Is Taunting Nicki Minaj With Her Roc Nation Affiliation Amidst Their Ongoing Beef

The countless references to anime in her music make it abundantly clear that Megan Thee Stallion is a manga nerd (an otaku, if you will). But yesterday (February 1), the “Cobra” rapper showed off her deep Rolodex of reality television moments. While on the set of a secret project, Megan quickly caught up with her biggest Hottie fans on the internet radio broadcast app, Stationhead.

During the stream, Megan revealed that she’s finding herself in a much healthier mental space since the tumultuous obstacles she faced last year. After revealing that she’s working on a documentary about her life, she went on to say that she’s gotten reprimanded for giving away too much content online. However, users online believe that Megan subtly taunted her foe, Nicki Minaj, in the closing moments by leaning into her Roc Nation affiliation.

“Don’t make me call Porsha,” Megan joked about her management team getting reinforcements to stop her from oversharing. The reference to Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta then turned into, “Don’t make me call Roc Nation.”

After the clip hit social media, users online took the line to be shade toward Minaj based on her recent jabs at the company. On January 29, during the height of their (“Hiss” versus “Big Foot“) sparring season, Minaj slammed Roc Nation on X (formerly Twitter) for promoting Megan’s diss record toward her.

“Spending so much money,” she wrote. “But she’s the lil broke independent artist. Desiree, you gotta let it go, baby. The world knows she’s ass & can’t rap. Stop f*cking trying to make fetch happen. #BigFOOT. I just put out a song with no promo, no video, and it’s already #2. ”

Is it shade? It very well could be, and given Megan’s clever use of double entendres (that recently almost led to a potential lawsuit), you certainly can’t put it past her.

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