The Kid LaRoi’s Closing Coachella Performance Of ‘Where Does Your Spirit Go’ Was A Moving Tribute To The Late Juice Wrld And Saiko

The Kid Laroi is currently experiencing an influx of professional peaks. His formal debut album, The First Time, is slated to be released soon, his forthcoming appearance in A24’s Y2K is in the works, a highly anticipated tour run with Lil Baby, and he has a thriving love life. You’d think the musician had nothing to be sad about. But you’d be wrong.

In his new single, “Where Does Your Spirit Go,” the musician revealed that he still has moments of deep sadness rooted in the tragic death of his musical friends. During his final Coachella 2023 performance, Laroi took a moment to pay tribute to his dearly departed friends Juice Wrld and Saiko. Throughout the performance, images of both Juice Wrld and Saiko were plastered onto the screens behind him. Juice Wrld died in 2019 from an accidental overdose. Although it was not been publicly confirmed, fans believe Saiko’s cause of death also involved the use of undisclosed substances.

When he announced the song’s release, Laroi wrote on social media, “This wasn’t in the release plans, but I played it this weekend at Coachella, and I just felt like the time was right for some reason.”

He later added, “This one means a lot to me. It’s super personal. It’s a song about loss, grieving, and dealing with the thoughts and emotions that come with that. I pray for all of you who are going through something similar currently, and I hope this helps you feel a little less alone in all of it. I love you guys, and thanks for everything.”