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Celebrating 20 Years Of ‘ER’ With 20 Celebrities Who Checked Into County General


"ER" turned 20 years old yesterday. So let's look at some of the famous faces who dropped by County General over the show's 15-season run.


These Hip-Thrusting, Balloon-Popping Women Have Created A New Olympic Sport


The next Olympic sport involves Asian woman thrusting their hips to pop a balloon.


Sam Elliott And Garret Dillahunt Are Coming To The Final Season Of ‘Justified’

By | 34 Comments

Sam Elliott and Garret Dillahunt will be on "Justified." Related: how have Sam Elliott and Garret Dillahunt not been on "Justified" already?

freddie mercury

Hear A Previously-Unreleased Duet Between Michael Jackson And Freddie Mercury

By | 22 Comments

A Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury took over 30 years to be released, because who knows?


Shonda Rhimes Responded To The New York Times Calling Her An ‘Angry Black Woman’

By | 4 Comments

Shonda Rhimes is many things. An "angry black woman" isn't one of them.


A Lawyer Could Be In Big Trouble For Her Terrible Celebrity Photoshops

By | 13 Comments

No, this random lawyer doesn't know Obama and George Clooney. Why would you ever think that? Oh yeah, her terrible Photoshops.


The Mystery Of The Pineapple On ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Was Finally Solved

By | 16 Comments

One of the biggest mysteries on "How I Met Your Mother" was finally solved.

Michael Bay

Michael Bay Is Making The Most Michael Bay-Sounding TV Show Ever

By | 16 Comments

TNT is letting Michael Bay make the Michael Bay of TV shows.


What’s On Tonight: ‘You’re The Worst’ Ends Its Excellent First Season

By | 16 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including the season finale of FX's excellent "You're the Worst."


Gwar Found A New Lead Singer And She Has A Great Name

By | 7 Comments

Say hello to the newest member of the Gwar family: Vulvatron!


A Sleazy Married Man Grabbed A Waitress’ Butt, And It Only Got Worse From There

By | 33 Comments

"I've grabbed plenty of girl's asses in my life, but I've never grabbed hers."

Unlocking the Truth

Watch 8th Grade Metal Band, Unlocking The Truth, Make Their Late-Night TV Debut

By | 15 Comments

Most eighth graders are lazy, hormonal monsters. Not Unlocking the Truth.

#Jack White

Jack White Went After The Foo Fighters In A ‘Kanye West-Esque Rant’

By | 44 Comments

"Because apparently, nowadays, you aren't allowed to speak to your own fans about anything, lest it be a rant."

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