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Mark Wahlberg Apologized For Missing His Brother’s Wedding On Instagram

By | 10 Comments

Mark Wahlberg is sorry for missing Donnie's wedding, but not sorry enough to call him.


Here Are The 15 Greatest Nude Scenes Of All-Time, According To Mr. Skin

By | 49 Comments

How many of the greatest celebrity nude scenes of all-time have you seen? J/K you've seen them all.


Nearly $100,000 Has Been Raised For The Gay Teen Who Filmed His Family Abusing Him

By | 46 Comments

Daniel Pierce filmed his family emotionally and physically abusing him because he's gay. He wants you to watch the footage.


This Is The Mugshot Of A Meth Addict Who Splashed His Face With Toilet Water

By | 3 Comments

Finally, a headline with the words "meth" and "toilet water" in it.


Here Is Bill Hader’s List Of 200 Movies Every Comedy Writer Should See

By | 28 Comments

If you begin Bill Hader's essential comedy list right now, you might be finished in time for Halloween.


Finding A Giant Spider In Your Coke Bottle Is Your New Worst Nightmare

By | 6 Comments

ATTN: there are now spiders in bottles of Coke. We're doomed.


Watch Rare Footage Of Pre-Pop Star Katy Perry From 2001

By | 6 Comments

It's a long road from Katy Hudson to Katy Perry.


Aubrey Plaza Helped A Naked Kathy Griffin With Her Ice Bucket Challenge

By | 21 Comments

In case you've wondered what it would look like for a Backstreet Boy and Aubrey Plaza to pour water on a naked Kathy Griffin, here you go.


Someone Really Needs To Adopt The World’s Saddest-Looking Cat

By | 7 Comments

Screw Grumpy Cat. We're all about Tucker the Sad Cat.


‘Batman The Ride’ Is The World’s First 4D Free Fly Roller Coaster. It Looks Terrifying.

By | 28 Comments

I moved to Texas 10 months ago, but I didn't have a good reason until BATMAN: THE RIDE.

paris hilton

DJ Paris Hilton Made Thousands While Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge In A Bikini

By | 3 Comments

Paris Hilton made more money pouring water over her head than you'll make this month.

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