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#The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Went After Fox News For Having ‘No F*cking Idea’ How To Cover Ferguson


"The Daily Show" is back, and there's nothing in the world for them to talk about. Oh, except that whole Ferguson thing.


Aphex Twin Wants You To Know That Kanye West ‘F*cking’ Ripped Him Off

By | 9 Comments

"I know that he tried to f*cking rip me off and claim that he'd written it."


It Looks Like ‘Full House’ Is Coming Back With Most Of The Original Cast

By | 102 Comments

No, YOU cut it out: it looks like "Full House" is coming back.


Sarah Silverman’s Emmys Press Conference Was Better Than Any Acceptance Speech

By | 14 Comments

Sarah Silverman should be invited to and/or host every awards show.


An Evil Father Secretly Filmed His Daughter Posing For Selfies

By | 9 Comments

Parenting tip #47: film your kids taking selfies.

bob dylan

Here’s Why You Should Be Very Excited For Bob Dylan’s Next Album

By | 4 Comments

Lo and behold, the COMPLETE "Basement Tapes" are finally coming out.


Donald Glover Is Finally Playing Spider-Man

By | 10 Comments

A lifelong dream of Donald Glover's is coming true: he's playing Spider-Man.

#Breaking Bad

When ‘Bad’ Is Good: Ten Thoughts On The 2014 Emmys

By | 53 Comments

It was a good year to have already won an Emmy, and more thoughts.

#Breaking Bad

What’s On Tonight: Will ‘Breaking Bad’ Win ALL The Emmys, Or Just Most?

By | 4 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including the Emmys.

#Music Videos

Charli XCX Takes A Field Trip To The Lingerie Store In Her ‘Break The Rules’ Music Video

By | 19 Comments

Charli XCX has a very authentic high school experience in "Break the Rules."


Martin Scorsese May Direct HBO’s ‘Shutter Island’ Adaptation, ‘Ashecliffe’

By | 9 Comments

Marty may sign up to direct the pilot for a TV show based on one of his movies, "Shutter Island."

My So Called Life

Checking In With The Cast Of ‘My So-Called Life’ 20 Angsty Years Later

By | 10 Comments

One of the best one-and-done shows of all-time, "My So-Called Life," premiered 20 years ago today. Let's see what the cast's up to.

#True Blood

The Internet’s Funniest Reactions To The Flaccid ‘True Blood’ Series Finale

By | 27 Comments

The "True Blood" finale: BAD. The reactions to the "True Blood" finale: GREAT.

#Dave Chappelle

Louis C.K. Introduced Dave Chappelle At A Surprise Comedy Show This Weekend

By | 17 Comments

The last time Dave Chappelle was in Hartford, he got booed offstage. Things were very different on Saturday night.

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