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CBS’s List Of ‘Late Late Show’ Guest Hosts Is 10 Names Long And Doesn’t Include A Single Woman

By | 12 Comments

Here are the "Late Late Show" guest hosts after Craig Ferguson leaves and James Corden begins.

#Taylor Swift

And Now, Taylor Swift Filming Lena Dunham Dancing To A Song Called ‘Lena Dunham’

By | 7 Comments

I'm sure the Internet will only have nice things to say about Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift's rap song dance-party.

#The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman Was Right To Call This His Biggest ‘Walking Dead’ Regret

By | 35 Comments

There's one scene from "The Walking Dead" Robert Kirkman regrets filming. It goes all the way back to season one.

#Arrested Development

The 20 TV GIFs We’re Eternally Thankful For

By | 29 Comments

This Turkey Day, give thanks to these TV show GIFs.


Wu-Tang Clan Brought The ‘Ruckus’ To ‘Letterman’ Last Night

By | 3 Comments

Will David Letterman still listen to Wu-Tang Clan after he retires?

#Taylor Swift

Guess Who Said No To A Joni Mitchell Biopic Starring Taylor Swift

By | 5 Comments

There was very nearly a biopic about Joni Mitchell, until Taylor Swift became involved.


Jennifer Aniston Was The ‘Worst Interviewee Ever’ In A Very Awkward Prank

By | 3 Comments

Jennifer Aniston was a "horrible" participant in a very awkward prank.


‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans Were Pissed ABC Cut Away To Ferguson Coverage

By | 11 Comments

It's true: "Dancing with the Stars" fans are pissed that ABC covered, y'know, something important.


Lily Allen Would Rather Donate Her Money Than Record A ‘Smug’ Charity Single

By | 6 Comments

Lily Allen's putting her money where her mouth, which could be singing a terrible song, is.


A Visual History Of Nolan Gould’s Hover Hands Around His ‘Modern Family’ Sisters

By | 53 Comments

Nolan Gould may play an idiot on TV, but he's smart enough in real life to not be a creepy around his "Modern Family" sisters.


Alexandra Daddario Compared What She’s Like In Sexy Magazine Shoots Vs. Real Life

By | 11 Comments

Alexandra Daddario wants you to know that the version of herself you see in magazines is very different than what she's like in real life.

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