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Watch A Russian Woman Perform A Striptease For The Cops So Her Car Won’t Get Towed

By | 6 Comments

Well, doing a pole dance is one way to not have your car get towed.

kate upton

Nicki Minaj Rated The Butts Of Various Female Models On Instagram

By | 21 Comments

Never let it be said that we don't know what Nicki Minaj thinks of Chrissy Teigen's behind.

orphan black

Tatiana Maslany Recreated A Scene From ‘Shaun Of The Dead’

By | 5 Comments

One of our favorite people, Tatiana Maslany, acting out a scene from one of our favorite movies, "Shaun of the Dead."


What’s On Tonight: Probably The Best Show On TV Right Now

By | 22 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV right now, including "Rectify."


All Hail The Queen: 6 Times Summer Glau Was Nerd Royalty

By | 15 Comments

All hail birthday girl Summer Glau, the Queen of the Nerds.


This Pro-Choice Couple Trolled Anti-Abortionists With Some Clever Signs Of Their Own

By | 25 Comments

A pro-choice couple formed "Saturday Chores" to keep track of the signs they use to troll anti-abortionists


The Most Popular Show On TV Still Doesn’t Have A Cast

By | 52 Comments

Can there be a "Big Bang" without a cast? (Nope!)


Get To Know Dakota Johnson Before You *Get To Know Her* In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

By | 26 Comments

Everything you need to see about Dakota Johnson before you shame-watch "Fifty Shades of Grey."


This Guy Made A Documentary About How To Sneak Into Music Festivals

By | 3 Comments

Want to know how to sneak into Coachella? Maybe this doc will help.


Jennette McCurdy Knows Exactly What You’re Doing When You Look At Pictures Of Her

By | 38 Comments

Jennette McCurdy knows what you're doing when you're looking at pictures of her.


The Rock’s Reddit AMA Was Crashed By Arnold Schwarzenegger (And ‘Archer’ References)

By | 20 Comments

As if AHNULD showing up in the Rock's Reddit AMA wasn't enough, we also had "Archer" references.


Did ‘Dateline NBC’ Use This YouTuber’s Video Without Permission?

By | 6 Comments

Did NBC do anything wrong by using someone's YouTube video without permission? Probably!

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