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Remember Paz De La Huerta? Neither Does This Fantastic ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Farewell

By | 7 Comments

"Boardwalk Empire" comes to an end this weekend, so let's remember its beginning, when Paz de la Huerta was on the show.

#The Walking Dead

‘Walking Dead’ Creator Robert Kirkman Responds To A Popular Theory Involving Rick Grimes

By | 31 Comments

The creator of "The Walking Dead," Robert Kirkman," set the record straight on a popular theory involving Rick Grimes.


You Can Download The New Run The Jewels Album For Free Now

By | 2 Comments

Well, looks like we know what we're doing this weekend.


Chrissy Teigen Said Bye To Twitter After Receiving Death Threats Over A Tweet

By | 18 Comments

Chrissy Teigen is momentarily done with Twitter after her Followers acted like the horrible mongrels they are.


What’s On Tonight: Emmy Rossum And The Return Of ‘Newsreaders’


The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including the season finale of "Project Runway" with Emmy Rossum.

Felicia Day

What Happened To Felicia Day Is Everything Awful About #GamerGate

By | 173 Comments

Felicia Day wrote about #GamerGate and how she's scared of being doxxed, is immediately doxxed by some coward.


Mama June From ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Is Dating Someone Who Molested One Of Her Family Members

By | 7 Comments

Mama June dating a man who molested her relative is the mayonnaise of stories: it's gross.


What Jim Carrey Accomplished In 1994 May Never Be Repeated

By | 23 Comments

Jim Carrey was a box office machine in 1994. It's remarkable.

#Fox News

Fox News Host: Young Women Should Stick To Tinder And Not Vote

By | 37 Comments

Are you ready for some Hot Tinder Takes with Kimberly Guilfoyle?


A Texas Teacher Allegedly Had Sex ‘All Summer Long’ With One Of Her Students

By | 62 Comments

Ashley Zehnder, 24, is in big trouble for having an affair with a student at the high school where she teaches.


The City Of New York Vs. Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Sex And The City’ Photo Shoot

By | 4 Comments

Sex and the City of New York isn't a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker right now.


A Woman Spent An Entire Week In KFC After Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her

By | 10 Comments

Some people respond to breakups by drowning their sorrows in wine. Others spend seven days inside a Chinese KFC.

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