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These Are The 50 Most-Watched Shows Of The 2014-15 Season

By | 24 Comments

CBS once again dominates the year-end ratings.

#Game of Thrones

Here’s The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character Maisie Williams Would Cross Off Arya’s List


If given the option of killing anyone on Arya's list, here's who Maisie Williams would pick.


Our First Look At The Never-Aging Cast Of Netflix’s ‘Wet Hot American Summer’

By | 12 Comments

You won't wanna go to town the day "Wet Hot American Summer" is released on Netflix.


TLC Aired ’19 Kids And Counting’ Marathon As Josh Duggar’s History Of Child Molestation Surfaced

By | 18 Comments

As Josh Dugar was apologizing for molesting children as a teenager, TLC aired a "19 Kids and Counting" marathon.

#Chris Pratt

Watch Chris Pratt Try To Give Acting Lessons While Drunk On Whisky

By | 3 Comments

Just how good is Chris Pratt at improv? Good enough to do it while drunk.

Batkid Begins

‘Batkid Begins’ Is The Inspiring Trailer Gotham Deserves And Needs

By | 3 Comments

Batkid Miles Scott is the star of a documentary about his inspiring story.


These Are The 38 New Emojis That Will Soon Be On Your Phone

By | 5 Comments

Your dreams of an eagle emoji are coming true.

#Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video Is Now A Record-Breaker

By | 7 Comments

Taylor Swift and her squad broke a record that Nicki Minaj's held since the long-ago days of 2014.

guns n' roses

The ‘Worst Band To Ever Play Letterman’ Is A Guns N’ Roses Cover Group

By | 3 Comments

You thought the Spin Doctors on "Letterman" was bad? Wait until you hear Mr. Brownstone.


The ‘Entourage’ Movie Accidentally Hired Real Porn Stars For A Sex Scene

By | 22 Comments

"I didn't know the actresses in my movie were porn stars" is the oldest excuse in the book.


Ariana Grande Wants You To Know That She’s Okay With Her Small Breasts

By | 12 Comments

Ariana Grande is wearing the perfect sweatshirt for the less ample.

#Taylor Swift

George Takei Threw Shade At Marvel Using Taylor Swift’s New Music Video

By | 19 Comments

Taylor Swift is doing a better job in the "ladies kicking ass" department than Marvel, says George Takei.

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