The Best Countries For Solo Travel, According To The Masses

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According to the Masses is back! This week we’re diving into the best spots for solo travelers around the world, according to … wait for it … the masses. With solo travel burning up the internet and travel scene right now, this felt like the perfect place to dive back into this series.

Over 29,000 people voted over at Ranker and the following ten countries made the top ten. The voice of the people is sure to stir up some controversy. For one, there’s only one country in the top ten not in Europe. Any traveler knows that’s pretty easy to call BS on. In fact, the first Asian country to make the list is Japan at 19th. For shame.

Spoiler: No, the US does not make the top ten. We’re ranked 46th. Ouch.


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Ah, Spain. From the rocky cliffs of Asturias up north to the sandy beaches along the Med to the pastoral hills of the Pyrenees to the plains of La Mancha, Spain really has a lot to give the solo traveler. Plus, they have high-speed trains connecting it all.

The country has one of the world’s best food scenes (don’t sleep on San Sebastian), a chilled out atmosphere where the wine flows freely, and enough sun to make you want to come back again-and-again to dig deeper into all things EspaΓ±a.

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