Incredible Video: The Secret 6-10 Point Guard Drawing NBA GMs to Greece

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Elite basketball players are physically evolving faster than any creature to ever walk the earth.


Toronto GM: Chris Bosh Is No Franchise Cornerstone

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For the first seven years of his career in Toronto, Chris Bosh had five seasons averaging at least 22 points a night, and went for 20/10 averages three different times.

Paul Silas

Behind The Scenes At The NBA Draft Lottery

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Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year.


Natural Disaster: It’s Time To Put Up Or Shut Up In Phoenix

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The Phoenix Suns have rolled through three general managers, three coaches and a slew of All-Stars and talented role players since 2005.


The Raptors May Be Playing In The Euroleague Next Season

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If you've ever seen a Euroleague basketball game, then you know the roster is littered with foreign talent and a few American players.


Raptors & Thunder: A Match Made In Heaven

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The Raptors and Thunder are two teams heading in starkly different directions.


An Open Letter to Hedo Turkoglu: “Don’t be stupid.”

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"I talked to a couple of other doctors, a couple of other friends and they really kind of told me the same stuff that these guys told me.

where are they now?

Where Are They Now: Rafael Araujo

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I'll be honest, until real recently, I just haven't given the due credit deserved to both Andrea Bargnani and the Toronto Raptors for picking him up in 2006.


The Raptors’ Bigs Need To Get Tougher

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You should never read too much into stats when it comes to the preseason.


NBA Trade Rumor: Carlos Boozer to Miami

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Up until July, Orlando's Otis Smith and Toronto's Bryan Colangelo were the two most proactive GM's in the League.

#Chris Paul

Chris Bosh Isn’t A Franchise Player

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In an interesting story this morning by the Toronto Sun's Frank Zicarelli, the writer puts bluntly something Raptors fans have been avoiding for years: Chris Bosh isn't a franchise player.

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