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Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Dropped In For A Friendly Chat With The Ladies Of 'The View'

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Duke porn star Belle Knox opens up about the empowerment or pornography to the ladies of 'The View.' She's swell.


Jenny McCarthy’s Self-Made Twitter Hashtag Was Hilariously Hijacked By Pro-Vaccine Critics

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'The View' co-host Jenny McCarthy tried to start a Twitter hashtag, created a spot for criticism of her anti-vaccine asshattery. Here are the best tweets.


Jenny McCarthy Is Joining ‘The View’ As A Co-Host

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With Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaving for Fox News, Jenny McCarthy will be added to the co-host desk at "The View."

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Whoopi Goldberg Keeps It Real As Hell

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Us Weekly asked Whoopi Goldberg about the vacancies on "The View" and Whoopi proceeded to be REAL AS HELL.


On The Brink Of Her Retirement, Let’s Give It Up For Barbara Walters, Folks

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A Barbara Walters appreciation post ahead of her impending retirement announcement.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck May Be Headed To CNN To Host A Morning Show

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According to Page Six, "The View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is still on her way out, and may end up hosting a morning show on CNN.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Out At ‘The View’ For Being ‘Too Extreme And Right Wing’ (UPDATE: Maybe Not?)

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According to a source, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been let go by "The View" after nine years because audiences found her "too extreme and right wing."

Joy Behar Will Leave ‘The View’ After 16 Years (And The Morning Links)

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The veteran of the long-running morning chat show is leaving to explore other opportunities, and highlights from around the web.


All Plus-Sized Black Women Look the Same

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Last night on Bravo's "Watch What Happens," Ashley from Milwaukee called in to express her fondness for "Community" star Yvette Nicole Brown's masterful Golden-Globe winning turn in last year's The Help.


Whoopi Goldberg Farted On ‘The View’

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The other day on "The View," while interviewing Claire Danes about whatever the hell Claire Danes is up to, Whoopi Goldberg farted on live television.


Lady Gaga Really Houndstoothed Up The Place On 'The View' Today


If you've ever wanted insight into Lady Gaga's thoughts on hot dogs, ladies who wear thong bikinis to Walmart, Hillary Clinton's wardrobe, gay marriage in New York, and the deaths of Amy Winehouse and Clarence Clemons, then today's your lucky day.


You in danger, girl

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Best Supporting Actress Academy Award winner (for 1995's Theodore Rex) Whoopi Goldberg shocked middling housewives and gay guys who didn't have to go to work when she sympathized with Charlie Sheen by explaining how she was once so hopped up on goofballs that she took a crap in her bed to keep monsters from killing her.

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Whoopi Farts Back at O’Reilly

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To make amends for the <a href="">controversial walk-out</a> two weeks ago, Bill O'Reilly went back to "The View" in costume for Halloween, and Whoopi Goldberg settled the score with him by interrupting the discussion with the world's longest fart.

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