Count Bass D – Can We Hang Out Tonight?

05.29.08 10 years ago 26 Comments

First single “Can We Hang Out Tonight?” from Count Bass D’s upcoming album L7 to be released this summer on 1320 Records.

Bass D has always been one of those hometown legends in my mind because before anybody was puttin’ out or producing Hip-Hop in the middle Tennessee area, Bass was. I can remember Juan, who went to school with him, comin’ home during her freshman year of college & updating me on him rhyming or deejaying @ a party. Since actual rappers were distant figures on TV then, the first time I saw him I was young & in awe. So no matter what he does, I still get a flashback to being young & wide-open to the music.

Don’t even listen to this immediately.

It might take a certain mood to get into it the first time. Listen to it while you’re ironing your shirt & right before you hit the streets. Do an updated, Hip-Hop version of that “Risky Business” dance. Then when you get to the spot or to your lady’s door to pick her up, do a two-step slide & glide, arms half-bent in the air a la Snoop & ask…”Can we hang out tonight?”

Count Bass D – Can We Hang Out Tonight?

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