Dolphins ‘Hard Knocks’ Episode Three Live Blog

08.21.12 5 years ago 95 Comments

“Hard Knocks” lost Chad Johnson last week and a lot of the sh*tshot potential for this season went with him. That doesn’t mean we’re giving up on the show just yet. It helps that it’s Tuesday and there’s a whole lot of nothing on TV this evening otherwise.

But I think this show still has something up its sleeve. Think of all the things that Joe Philbin has yet to mildly disapprove of! We can only hope that Jim Turner gets a lot of screen time to cuss at everyone. Besides that, we already know that Ryan Tannehill was named the Dolphins starting quarterback this week, so we could be in store for quite a bit of Matt Moore failure in this week’s show. Hardly out of the ordinary, but if he consoles himself with more tasty baby food, I won’t complain.

Nevertheless, Chad or no Chad, the success or failure of this season hinges on whether or not Lauren Tannehill and Jackie Long ever make out. You heard it here, HBO. DON’T LET US DOWN!

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