Drew Brees Is A Hack – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

06.28.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

Ha ha, it’s funny because hack is outmoded slang for a taxi driver. Anyway, Drew Brees drives the Cash Cab in a video to promote concussion awareness issues for youth athletics. You can tell this was really spontaneous and not at all scripted by the fact that you can see the police escort for Breesus’ vehicle in every shot.

— Ocho proposed to his fiancee while playing Call of Duty. That’s gotta sting. I mean, the Battlefield games have the superior series now. Neglect is one thing, but neglect with subpar games? Oof.

— Chris Kluwe comes down in support of gay marriage. As the old adage goes, as punters go, so goes the nation.

— Philip Rivers is going to be a coach at a Catholic baseball camp, despite the fact that the rest of the coaches are veteran baseball players and Marmalard isn’t Catholic. [Ed. note: oopity – commenter noted Rivers is indeed an idol-worshiping papist] Anyway, let’s all be on the lookout of footage of Rivers teaching young pitchers to hit 12 mph on the radar gun.

– Patriots owner Bob Kraft said he wants a permanent NFL franchise in London within the next 10 years. Here’s an idea: move your own team there, dickhead. Not like Boston will notice. Call them The New New Old England Patritories.

– The Eagles have switched their official soda from Pepsi to Coke. Pretty sure it’s because Tony Romo has a Pepsi endorsement.

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