03.28.12 6 years ago 36 Comments

Please forgive the profusion of Florio into your hopefully otherwise benign Wednesday, but it bears noting that we’ve hit a new high-water mark in PFT trolling. In a post reacting to the new regular season overtime rules, not only does Floors imply that it was he who first started the groundswell of support for the change in overtime rules, but now that it’s finally arrived, he’s not so sure he likes it anymore. Usually, a classic Florio about-face would be enough for me to mash my keyboard in disgust and be done with it, but then the Troll King of Appalachia goes on to bemoan the new rule because, of all things, it might harm the ratings of NBC’s shitastic pregame show. I sh*t you not.

In the regular season, it means that some early games will stretch too far into the 4:15 p.m. ET contests and, even worse, that some late-afternoon games will infringe on too much of NBC’s Football Night in America.

MAY A TRUCK INFRINGE ON YOUR FACE! Oh no, whatever will we do without our fully allotted time of moral rectitude with The Dunge? Could we do with less sanctimonious preening from Bob Costas? POSSIBLY, but who wants to know for sure. How will we ever know the headlines without Peter King and Mike Florio reading them off Twitter during the broadcast? RODNEY HARRISON’S ASSHOLE OPINIONS MUST BE HEARD! Clearly the owners don’t realize the horrors they’ve wrought. The change must be reversed before America’s media whore-induced headaches fall to alarming lows.

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