Oh Nothing, Just A Giant Dolphins Head Tattoo

08.22.12 5 years ago 36 Comments

Joe Philbin has the same real estate available on his body. Perhaps he could get the same design and not be boring for the first time ever. Anyway, the person pictured above is a fellow named Emmett Dove, who obviously is a true member of Fireland nation because he went all in on this incredibly obtrusive team tattoo when the Dolphins started last season 0-6. On top of that, Miami is considering changing its logo for next year.

Dove tweeted the picture of his Dolphins tattoo to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, asking, “whatca think of my #Dolphins tat2?”

I’d say, based on the grammar, that it’s possible the ink is seeping into Dove’s brain, but that would be giving too much credit to a mind that thought it appealing to cover the entire back of his head in the Dolphins logo. Once strange future technology provides of tattoo GIFs, I hope he’ll have it updated.

[The Huddle via Larry Brown Sports]

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