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There are many industries that exploit tragedy for professional and financial gain, but few as nakedly and brazenly as those in the public relations field. Just today we’ve received two e-mails from separate reps at the same PR firm, 5WPR, pushing for exposure for their client in case anyone needs some guy who founded a site called SUICIDE FANTASY FOOTBALL to speak about the death of Garrett Reid.

If you are working on any stories regarding the death of Andy Reid’s son and the possible connection to a drug overdose, my client Jim Butz, Pro-Football substance abuse expert and Founder of Suicide Fantasy Football would be a great expert for any relevant stories you are working on. Jim’s ten plus years working in the local Philly sports media market and his past few weeks on-site at Eagles’ training camp would also make him a great insider source on this case in particular.

Additionally, as an individual who personally battled drug addiction and is a member of a very high-profile AA group, he could speak first hand about the difficulties involved in going clean and some of the experiences he’s encountered through that process.

If you’re interested in speaking with Jim please let me know. He is available immediately.

A very high-profile AA group sounds like an oxymoron, but no need to split hairs, as thanks but no thanks. We won’t judge Mr. Butz, as we don’t know for sure whether Jim authorized 5W to spam random NFL sites – even humor blogs – about their interest in talking Garrett Reid’s death over with their client. If in fact he didn’t, we mildly suggest retaining a slightly less exploitative firm of PR flacks.

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