Question Of The Day: Should There Be A Two-Year Minimum For NBA Eligibility?

05.10.12 6 years ago 29 Comments

I’ve made no secrets about my displeasure with how David Stern runs his league. Yet, in his phone conversation with ESPN’s Mike & Mike yesterday morning, I found myself agreeing with the gainfully-lobed commissioner on a few issues. Stern shared his pipe dream wishes to shorten the season and his stance on veteran star players “holding teams hostage” boiled down to wayward front offices coming home to roost. Then, one matter came up which still has me weighing my hands in the air like a dummy.

The interview shifted gears once the topic of players leaving college early for the NBA came about. Stern reiterated his desire to see the minimum eligibility requirement raised to two years to strengthen the product coming into the league. There hasn’t been a major pushes for the rule change so far. Then again his language made it seem like it wouldn’t face the colossal, impending hurdles seen from something like a new, scaled-back regular season schedule.

I’d rather switch the e-mic to you all rather than type my eyes out on what I think. Should the one-and-done rule stand or does two-and-done make better sense? You know how David gets when he sets his eyes on something attainable. I’m just glad he gave us basketball nerds a warning this time.

Feel free to listen to Stern’s segment on Mike & Mike In The Morning by clicking here and cue to the 5:30 mark.

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