Cardi B And Offset Discuss How Her Success Is impacting Their Relationship On A Playful Instagram Live

Cardi B and Offset aren’t a typical couple thanks to their prominent status in hip-hop, but like any other couple it seems that they have their own inside jokes and playful moments of annoying each other, even when they’re not in the same city. When Cardi decided to live stream her morning with her fans on Instagram, Offset broke in to offer up some commentary on his fiancé’s priorities.

“What you doing online? You didn’t even call me this morning,” he joked. Cardi was quick to reply, reminding him, “I texted you though. Deadass, I texted you.” “Big cap,” he replied, implying that she wasn’t being entirely truthful, “I ain’t got no text.” “Yes, you do,” Cardi responded, before Offset switched subjects. Apparently, he’s missing her a bit, as he told her, “You need to come to LA though.” Cardi mugs for the camera while informing him that her flight leaves this morning as Offset continues to playfully flirt with her. Cardi suggests that he looks at her text and teasingly exaggerates her frustration when he immediately goes to do so. “Not while you’re online! Oh my god, I can’t. You know my baby’s a little slow sometimes,” she teases before ending the stream.

The pair revealed over the weekend that Cardi is currently expecting their baby during her performance of “Be Careful” on Saturday Night Live. They haven’t announced a wedding date as yet, but considering how busy their schedules are promoting Invasion Of Privacy and Culture II, it’s probably the one thing they’ll have to hope they don’t also have to do via live stream.