Jay-Z Quells Rumors About His And Meek Mill’s Relationship And Explains They Could ‘Never Beef’

Hours after the release of DJ Khaled’s new album God Did, #HOVDID is trending on Twitter as rap fans marvel at Jay-Z’s four-minute verse on the album’s title track. Firmly re-establishing the 30-year veteran as rap’s GOAT, the verse finds Jay in top form, rattling off his billionaire accomplishments, expressing his astonishment at not just surviving but thriving as a Black man in America, and flexing his work in social justice.

He also clears the air regarding his standing with his friend and frequent collaborator Meek Mill. Earlier this year, after Meek expressed discontent with music industry standards, from fiddling with first-week sales numbers to issuing opaque contracts to wrest ownership of music away from young artists, the Philadelphia rapper parted ways with Jay’s Roc Nation management company, prompting speculation that a rift had formed between them. Meek’s comments also had fans wondering about his standing with MMG label founder Rick Ross, who denied that there was any friction between the two artists.

Jay’s new verse may put those rumors to bed for good as he clarifies, “Me and Meek could never beef,” and explains why: “I freed that n**** from a whole bid.” This refers to Jay’s assistance in securing an end to Meek’s incarceration for a parole violation in 2018. After having Meek’s original arrest revisited and his conviction thrown out, the two later partnered on a number of social justice initiatives to help other victims of the carceral justice system such as REFORM Alliance.

Check out “God Did” below.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.