A Viral Video Of Taylor Swift Fans Getting On The Subway Is The Most Chilling Thing You’ll See Today

Aaron Dessner called Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, “The greatest show he’s ever seen,” but that doesn’t extend to the commuter jam it leads to when the singer takes her final bow. Local municipalities, businesses, and venues go all out to welcome the eager Swifties into each city “The Alcott” singer visits. But the sea of sequins, cowboy boots, short skirts, and tour t-shirts was enough to move local residents rattled.

A viral video shared on TikTok captioned, “When the Taylor Swift concert ends at the same time you’re on your way home,” hilariously scored with ominous music, shows one person momentarily considering physically stopping the Swifties from boarding. However, once the sliding doors open, the patrons flood onto the train car bested in their best Swift-inspired outfits.

The concertgoers mean no absolutely no harm (well, unless, of course, you’re Joe Alwyn), and they are far better-behaved than drunk sports fans. But imagine looking up from your phone to see hundreds of smiling faces rushing to grab a seat and, at one point, even falling over each as they entered. Then they could burst into song at any moment that would scare any non-Swifties.

If you doubt their strength just look at the boat Ticketmaster is in.